37th Annual Art in the Park Cancelled

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on January 24, 2021

COVID-19 concerns led to the cancellation of the 37th Annual Art in the Park, but the Hernando County Fine Arts Council plans to be back when it is safe for our community, artists, exhibitors, and attendees.

37th Annual Art in the Park Cancelled

On Thursday, January 14, at the Council’s monthly meeting, members cited the County’s soaring positivity rate and fears of hosting a super spreader event. It was a difficult decision to break with a long-standing tradition and to disappoint artists, vendors, and art lovers alike. Ultimately, however, Council members unanimously agreed to prioritize the health and safety of all involved over its own economic loss and voted to cancel Art in the Park as currently planned for this March.

Beth Putnam, the chair of Hernando County Fine Arts Council, said that the health and safety of our community is our highest priority. “Art in the Park has been our signature event and the premier art show for Hernando County for 36 years and we are extremely disappointed that our current global circumstances will prevent us from bringing various art, talent, and fun to Tom Varn Park this spring,” said Putnam, “We look forward to bringing back fine art and a family-friendly experience to our community when it is safe for the festival to return.” 

Tammy Heon, Manager, Tourism Development, commented that while a difficult decision, she felt the safety of everyone involved was most important. She also promised that the Visitors Bureau would do everything it could to assist the Arts Council as they considered rescheduling Art in the Park to another date, or possibly looked to other events during the coming year.

The Hernando County Fine Arts Council is confident that we will come back and deliver a strong and safe event as soon as possible. The Council will actively work on alternative ways to supplement art promotion and support throughout the community this year in the absence of Art in the Park. “We know how much the community loves coming together for a truly unique experience at Art in the Park and we look forward to our next opportunity to host this signature event that we all hold dear to our hearts in Hernando County,” said Putnam.

For more information, visit our website at www.hernandoarts.org.



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