Attorney Brian Brijbag Appointed to the Board of Directors of A-Town Community, Inc.

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on March 8, 2022

Brijbag Law is pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Brijbag, Esq., to the board of directors of A-Town Community, Inc. A-Town Community, Inc., is a non-profit organization created with a vision to develop a supported residential community for adults with Autism and other neurodiversities in the Tampa Bay Area.

Attorney Brian Brijbag Appointed to the Board of Directors of A-Town Community, Inc.

This not-for-profit is planning to develop a residential community for adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other neurodiversities with customized on-site support for maximum independence and community integration.

The future A-Town residential community will include thoughtfully appointed living spaces as well as sensory friendly amenities. Every aspect of A-Town will be planned to maximize comfort and security for its residents. A-Town will follow a consumer-driven service model, meaning that residents will have the freedom to choose services and providers that work for them. A-Town will make access to services as convenient as possible with on-sight provider suites, dedicated service spaces, and a concierge to help with coordination of services.

The intent of A-Town is to also foster close connections with the local community. An on-site coffee site is planned with resident employees. Neighbors will be invited to connect with residents on a day-to-day basis. Residents will also have many opportunities to attend cultural and sports events with the added support from A-Town team members.

In making their announcement A-Town, Inc., noted that attorney Brian Brijbag is a long-time resident of the Nature Coast of Florida. He is the owner of Brijbag Law, a law firm serving central Florida. In addition, Brian is also an entrepreneur, having started several businesses in healthcare and entertainment. Attorney Brijbag holds a Juris Doctorate from WMU Cooley Law School and four degrees from the University of South Florida, including a Master of Public Health and Master of Applied Anthropology.

Brian Brijbag avidly supports his community by sponsoring many local events and serving on several committees. He and his wife, Stephanie, founded the Brijbag Family Foundation, a non-profit, to raise funds to build sensory rooms for students in Hernando County schools. Stephanie is a board-certified behavior analyst who works with children with disabilities in the school system. Brian has five children including Rachel, a young woman on the autism spectrum.

About Brian & Stephanie Brijbag’s Commitment to Sensory Rooms for Children in Hernando County

Brian and Stephanie Brijbag and the Brijbag Family Foundation donated $8,000 to the Hernando County Education Foundation to establish “Rachel’s Room” in schools in Hernando County. This donation was matched through several means with the Hernando County Education Foundation including but not limited to the school district education foundation matching grant program, Suncoast Credit Union, and the Hernando County Education Foundation.

Rachel’s Room is a Sensory room. Sensory rooms use sensory equipment to create a controlled sensory-focused environment. These environments allow sensory experiences to be individually tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual. The rooms will be named Rachel’s Room after his daughter who is autistic. Brian’s passion was to create the rooms after experiencing first-hand what it’s like to have a child with autism in the public school.

About Brian Brijbag and Brijbag law

Attorney Brian Brijbag has over 20 years’ experience in personal injury after having worked in the medical field in multiple roles. Brian is a longtime resident of the Nature Coast of Florida and now enjoys raising his family in the community. A graduate of Springstead High School, Brian has long been a supporter of the Nature Coast serving as a past chairperson of the Hernando County Fine Arts Council, a Florida motivational speaker, sponsor of the Brijbag Invitational High School Wrestling Tournament, and is founding member of the Brooksville Band Shell Bash.

Brian is the author of 7 Deadly Sins of Your Florida Personal Injury Case: A Victim’s Guide to Florida Personal Injury Claims, as well as the author of Southern Chivalry: Environmental Hazard Risk Communication & Perception In a Small, Southern Neighborhood.

Brijbag law practices in the Florida state courts and the middle district of Florida Federal Courts. Brian holds a juris doctor degree from Western Michigan University T.M. Cooley Law School. He holds the following degrees from the University of Southern Florida:  Master of Public Health, Master of Applied Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts in Applied Anthropology, and Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies.

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