Brazilian Pepper and Lead Tree Removal in Hernando Beach

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on April 7, 2017

On April 10, 2017, the Hernando County Department of Public Works in coordination with EarthBalance, an invasive species removal contractor, will begin another phase of removing Brazilian pepper and lead tree plants along right of ways in the Hernando Beach community.

This invasive plant removal project will take place starting at Gulf Coast Drive and move south within Hernando Beach. It is expected to take six to eight weeks to complete.

Brazilian pepper tree with immature and ripened fruit

At the end of this phase of the project, more than 5,000 plants will have been removed in the Hernando Beach-area at a cost of $500,000. Right of way maintenance will continue to prevent regrowth.

Plant removal will continue in other areas of our coastal community.

Lead tree with seed pods

Hernando County’s Noxious Plant Control Ordinance aims to eradicate Brazilian pepper and lead tree―two of the most aggressive non-native invasive species in our coastal community. County staff continue to educate residents on how to control these plants on personal property to prevent spreading. In addition, several contractors have been trained in methods specific to the eradication of these plant species.

Visit or call (352) 754-4060 for a list of trained contractors, brochures, facts sheets, videos and more information about noxious plants.



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