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Brooksville Recognizes ‘Art on Fire’ Artists: Extends program for Second Phase

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on February 9, 2023

The Brooksville Gallery 201 Coordinator, Pedram Moghaddam, announced a “Call to Artists’ on November 4, 2022, for the Brooksville Fire Department’s upcoming Art on Fire Program.  

The City of Brooksville, in collaboration with the Hernando Fine Arts Council is pleased to announce that “Phase 1” of the Art on Fire Program is complete. The following artist were recognized for their contribution to the City of Brooksville on February 6, 2023, at the City of Brooksville Council Meeting.  

The hydrants that were selected will have QR codes that will display further information on each artist. 

  • Belinda Pratt – Fort Dade Ave. and Lemon Ave. 
  • Stephanie Ghingher – Bailey Ave. and Jefferson Street 
  • Lisa Fontaine, Nina Mattei, Maureen Cavallarro – Jefferson Street and Main Street 
  • Johan Casadiego – Fort Dade Ave. and Main Street 
  • Patricia Yontz – Broad Street and Lemon Ave. 
  • Renata Villemaire – Jefferson Street and Orange Ave. 
  • Nicholas Cruz – Fort Dade Ave. and Magnolia Ave. 
  • Nathan Spence – Broad Street and Main Street 
  • Henry Ryers – Liberty Street and Main Street 
  • Sue Undestad – Liberty Street and Orange Ave. 
  • Iris Waller – Broad Street and Brooksville Ave. 
  • Tanya Myers – Jefferson Street and Magnolia Ave. 
  • Autum Proctor – Liberty Street and Magnolia Ave. 
  • Riley Huggins – Liberty Street and Brooksville Ave. 
  • Jose Casilla – 205 E. Fort Dade Ave. 

The Brooksville 201 Gallery is now in the process of Phase II of Art on Fire “Call to Artists”. Interested parties can participate by completing the application with a design proposal, choosing their preferred select hydrant location, completing the waiver and submitting the forms to the City of Brooksville. No more than three designs per artist. All design applications will be reviewed and the selected applicants will be contact by the City of Brooksville.   

Entry forms can be found on the City website: or FMI contact the Brooksville Gallery 201 at 352-540-3811 or  



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