Brooksville Residents Step Up For Dog Park Improvements

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on May 3, 2022

During the April 18, 2022, Brooksville City Council Meeting, the City Council recognized several citizens for their generosity in donating funds for the purchase of dog waste stations at the Quarry Disco Golf Course and Park located at 800 John Gary Grubbs Blvd., Brooksville.  

Brooksville Residents Step Up For Dog Park Improvements

On December 5, 2021, upon recommendation and approval by the City of Brooksville Parks and Recreation Board, the Brooksville City Council approved Resolution 2021-21, which amend the rules and regulations of the City’s parks and recreational areas.  Among the changes, the rules were amended to allow leashed dogs at the Quarry Disc Golf Course and Park; the only city park where leashed dogs are allowed.  

Leash requirements allow dogs and dog owners to visit the park without creating safety concerns for other visitors, ensures the natural resources are not disturbed, lessons the risk of dogs eating something toxic as well as helps to prevent soiling in inappropriate places, all while still allowing outside physical activity for the pet and their owners.    

Through the collaboration of Vice-Mayor Blake Bell, and spearheaded by Ms. Cindy Mahon Gandy, funds were raised through generous donations from several Brooksville families making it possible to purchase the waste stations. Those families include Cindy and Bella Gandy: Ivy Sally, Nancy, Linda, Cola, Manny and Red Cordell; Eric, Fatima, Banjoe and Adri Valdez; Lee, Celeste, Sophie and Cocoa Johnson; Pamela, Zoey and Charley Smith.  

The generous contributions, to date $1,065.20, allowed for the purchase of three large dog waste stations and one small dog waste station as well as a supply of bags with the hopes of lasting at least a year.  Ms. Gandy was also able to purchase five extra signs to install along the walking trail. The installation is being performed by Parks and Recreation staff and each station includes a dispenser for bags and as well as bags for waste pick-up and a waste disposal can. Ms. Gandy has graciously offered to maintain the stations as well. 

The Brooksville City Council sincerely appreciates the philanthropy and support of these individuals.  “This is a great showing of how our community comes together,” stated Vice-Mayor Blake Bell, “we very much appreciate their contributions for the betterment of our City parks.”  

For more information or to donate, please contact the City of Brooksville Parks and Recreation Department at 352-540-3830,, or visit



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