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Brooksville Shines Again with ‘Stills’ Premiere

By Diane Bedard Posted on January 26, 2023

Sunday, January 22 was certainly a day to remember for Kyle Marra, Lief Thomason, Tommy McTague and James McTague. Their 30-minute film, ‘Stills’, premiered at their hometown theater on the big screen.

Local residents, the actors, the production crew, their friends, families, sponsors and media gathered at the Beacon Theaters to walk the red carpet, grab some popcorn and drinks, and then sit down to enjoy the show.

NatureCoaster’s own Diane Bedard was pleased to be able to join the festivities, meeting up with several friends who had helped in one way or another to bring this award-winning film to life. And many awards were won by this local film team, as well as nominations for everything from best independent film to best actress in a thriller!

Local sponsors, Florida’s Adventure Coast, St. Luke Heart Institute, The Spotted Narwhal, Live Oak Theatre, and Monocle Design Solution assisted in funding the premiere event.

The 30-minute short film, Stills, is described as a mystery/crime film. The plot is described as, “When the daughter of a prominent lawyer disappears without a trace, Detective Monroe, a jaded detective who questions her own effectiveness, is assigned to the case.  Stakes are high.  The department’s reputation is on the line.  Will she find the girl, or will she find herself caught in her failure forever?” on Root and Branch’s website.

Patrece Bloomfield, Paol Saulo, Isabella Rossiter, Rachel Espendez, Shaila Vasquez, Andrew Kerr, and Tony Palles play key roles in the film.

red carpet photo
Kevin Herbert, of Herbert’s Sherbert, and Diane Bedard of at the red carpet premiere of Stills at the Beacon Theater in Brooksville, Florida.

“It was really fun to walk a red carpet in a theater and have our picture taken!” said Diane who ran into Kevin Herbert, co-owner of Herbert’s Sherbert and the two had their premiere photo together. Kevin has acted in some films and television shows but chose to return to Brooksville after a few years of the movie scene in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kyle granted us an interview several months ago for a feature story about the local production of Stills. At that time, he wouldn’t give us the final outcome of the movie’s plot. “You will have to wait to see it,” he told us. I was glad he did when, in the last few minutes of the film, I got my answer.

Residents, actors, production team, and support teams came out in force, dressed up to walk the red carpet in support of the local production of Stills. Image by Diane Bedard.

Kyle Marra, Stills‘ Director and Producer said, “Lastly, I want to thank everyone who came out in force to support our team and this film. It was such a special event for all of us. We look forward to bringing everyone together again with another project in the future.”

For those who haven’t gotten to see Stills, the Root & Branch Films and Odd!Life Studios are working diligently to find the best way to share it with those who would like to see it. The acting, writing, directing, and overall production are excellent – and it sure is fun to recognize the locations and some of the actors who are part of Stills.



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