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Books by Clint Bennett: The Jesuit Warrior and Jason the Slave Warrior

Clint Bennett, Award-winning Author.

A fourth-generation Floridian, whose family lived and thrived in the southern part of the Okefenokee swamp near Jasper, Florida, Clint Bennett was born in Dunedin, Florida and moved to Homosassa in 1976.

During four years in the U.S. Navy, he had the opportunity to tour the countries bordering the Mediterranean. Spain was one of his favorite ports of call. Up from the port was a Jesuit monastery, and Clint met and befriended several Spanish Jesuits, learning about their culture and history, especially the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition.

Three topics have always fascinated Clint: the horrendous suffering of the Europeans during the Inquisition, the impact the indigenous tribes of Florida by the arrival of Europeans, and the life and culture of the west Central Florida indigenous populations.

The Jesuit Warrior

After retiring from his professional writing job in 2000, Clint seriously researched and studied the Nature Coast area’s indigenous culture to begin creating his first novel, “The Jesuit Warrior,” a work of historical fiction that tells the story of a disillusioned Jesuit student living in Valencia, Spain during the Spanish Inquisition.

After witnessing a personal horror that causes him to question the teachings and agenda of the Jesuit priests, he boards a ship that will deliver slaves to central Florida. He is captured by the native people in Crystal River. Using his Jesuit medical training as an asset, he becomes a member of the Calusa village, eventually helping them survive attacks by the French and Spanish slavers.

Set in the Nature Coast, from Aripeka to Steinhatchee, including Crystal River and Homosassa, the novel is a wonderful work of historic fiction that grips the reader and teaches about the Calusa, the Timuc and the Appalachia Indian tribes that once thrived on west central Florida’s shores.

There are five-star reviews of his work on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers.

Jason, The Slave Warrior

Next, Clint wrote, “Jason the Slave Warrior,” which begins in New Orleans, and is the story of a young slave and his wife who escape their masters during a hurricane. They steal a sailboat, heading for “a place in central Florida where the slavers are afraid to go.” The two make their way to crystal River, where they are welcomed into the Calusa tribe as honored members. Martha is a renown healer, and Jason a welcome translator and who becomes a valued warrior. The geographical setting for the book is primarily Crystal River, the Homosassa River, Steinhatchee north to Deckle – and south to Tampa, Florida. The Calusa, the Timuca, and the Appalachia Indian tribes and their culture are heavily described in this gripping historical fiction novel.

Have your Copy Personally Autographed by Author, Clint Bennett

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More About the Author, Clint Bennett

“I was born in Dunedin, Florida in 1945 and have fished and explored the waterways from Dunedin to Steinhatchee since I was old enough and strong enough to hold a paddle, a set of oars, or operate an outboard motor. I have canoed, camped, and explored most of the Suwannee River from the Okefenokee Swamp to Branford, Florida. Today I live in Crystal River, Florida with my wife and we continue to fish and explore the areas described in my books. I will gladly sign and personalize copies of my books,” Clint explains.

“During four years in the U.S. Navy, I had the opportunity of tour the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Spain was one of my favorite ports of call. The squalid conditions in Spain during the early 18th century are accurate as described. My experiences in Europe helped to further my interest and research into the Spanish Inquisition and the numerous diseases and plagues that so devastated Europe for centires. I have also spent time in South Africa where I became interested in the horrors experience by the slaves and the savagery of their captors.”