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Coastline Salt Room

Coastline Salt Room, located in historic New Port Richey’s Palm District, is the first salt room in the West Pasco area, where guests can go to relax, while their lungs are working to obtain optimal respiratory health.

Coastline Salt Room utilizes the latest technology for administering halo “dry salt” therapy to help support respiratory wellness.  By using a halo generator during each session, guests get the benefit of relaxing in a beautiful salt room while breathing micro-particle salt into their respiratory system in an effort to clear out any congestion or blockages that may be hindering full respiratory health.

Halo therapy research has been shown to help with improvements to those suffering from allergies, sinus, bronchitis, COPD, and other respiratory conditions.  Salt works as an aid to help with these and other respiratory issues. Coastline Salt Room is a proud supporter of the Salt Therapy Association and works to share the leading research on the benefits of halo therapy.

In addition to respiratory benefits, our salt room provides a relaxing and non-stimulating environment where you can truly breathe deep and relax. By taking time out to relax and breathe, the mind and body have the opportunity to relax, allowing you to de-stress and de-compress from life’s daily stressors.

Coastline Salt Room can also help you relax with our hydro massage lounger.  This hands-off technology provides guests with a way to enjoy a massage in a way that is comfortable for you.  You can control the pressure of the massager, as well as work to target any areas you may need to focus on.  It’s like having control over your massage right at your fingertips.

For more information on how halo therapy can become a part of your mental and physical wellness routine, or about our hydro massage, visit www.coastlinesaltroom.com

Breathe Easy, Relax Easy at Coastline Salt Room.