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Justin Noe Real Estate at Heart of Florida Realty

With years of experience investing, buying, and selling homes across the country, my dream is to share my knowledge and expertise with others who are on their way to meet their own real estate goals, whether buying, selling or investment properties.

I am the husband to my beautiful wife Lina and a father to our four sweet daughters. I am also an active-duty Marine Corps Warrant Officer (with my retirement date set for early 2023 after a 20+ year long career). I am a real estate investor and co-founder of Twin Pillars Investments, Brookville Investment Group, Real Estate Co-Op and an active real estate agent at Heart of Florida Realty in the Nature Coast area.

​I grew up in Brooksville and joined the Marine Corps at 18. My military career continues to be an adventure that provides me with more opportunities than I ever envisioned. In fact, while on assignment in California I met my wife Lina, and we began building our life together. Our journey moved us to six different states, across the country four times, and put us in fourteen different homes! Each of our four daughters were born in different states before we settled down in my hometown Brooksville, Florida.

​To say that I know first-hand the impact and importance of having a helpful and knowledgeable real estate agent during any sort of transition period is an understatement.

What really helped our family feel more at ease over the years of moving was working with people who genuinely cared and took pride in the work they were doing. I am looking forward to being that same sounding board and built-in support system for you.

My commitment to you is that I will leverage the values of hard work and integrity that both my parents and the Marine Corps instilled in me. The knowledge and leadership I have developed over the course of my 20-year long career and the experience in real estate accumulated over those same years will be at your convenience.

Analyzing deals and tough negotiations are some of my favorite parts of real estate. I am always working to be up to date with the most current real estate market trends in the local Nature Coast area and around the country.

Florida’s Nature Coast area is a dynamic market with so many great and different things to offer! Whatever your dream home is or what investment property you are looking for (long term, short term, or a flip) there is something for you here!

Maybe you are dreaming of a house on the beach, a river house on one of the natural springs, land with acreage for a farm, vacant land to one day build on, a great community with sidewalks, community pool and a golf course, a vacation home, or maybe a historic downtown fixer upper where you can walk to shops, restaurant and yoga – it can be found here!

Whether you are you are thinking of selling your home and relocating in the area, coming from out of state, buying your first home or looking to add a profitable property to your rental portfolio, I’m excited to help you narrow down areas and places that best fits your lifestyle and needs.

If you have any questions, make sure you reach out to me!

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