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Tampa Bay Retired Police K9 Foundation

For many police officers, their K-9 partner is their best friend and a member of their family. So when a K-9 retires, it’s a bittersweet moment.
On one hand, the officers are happy to have their partner home safe and sound. But on the other hand, they’re sad to see their partner retire from the force.

Hundreds of law enforcement K-9’s are retired each year, and unfortunately, many of these dogs are left without a proper retirement. That’s where the non-profit organization Tampa Bay Retired Police K-9 Foundation comes in.

Tampa Bay Retired Police K-9 Foundation is an organization that helps law enforcement agencies retire their K-9’s in style. The organization raises money to provide retired K-9’s with a comfortable retirement, including veterinary care, food, and a loving home.

Tampa Bay Retired Police K-9 Foundation has raised over $100,000 for retired law enforcement K-9’s. The money has been used to provide veterinary care, food, and other necessary items for retired K-9’s.

If you want to help retired law enforcement K-9’s, there are a few things you can do. You can donate money to Tampa Bay Retired Police K-9 Foundation, or you can donate items like food, toys, and furniture. You can also volunteer your time to help retired K-9’s in need.

Our Goal

To raise awareness and medical funds for police K-9’s in retirement and ease some of the financial burden of officers and their families.

In addition to medical funds of retired K-9’s, memorial services and funeral cost of K-9’s killed in the line of duty.