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The Thomas Promise Foundation

Eight years ago, the financial activity of a first-grade girl puzzled her parents. They would provide a generous stipend for her lunch account at school, but she would spend it far more quickly than her little tummy or a sweet tooth could explain.

Her parents finally sat her down and asked her to give an account for the money pit her lunch account had become. The answer changed their lives and the lives of thousands.

Brooke Thomas was providing food for friends whom she saw were hungry at lunchtime. She said she just wanted to help.

Her parents, Wade and Dianna Thomas of Dade City, researched the situation and found that throughout Pasco County, many children do not have access to nutritious meals due to homelessness or poverty. This was especially true over the weekend, when there were no breakfast or lunch programs available at school.  Like their daughter, they knew they also had to help.

Wade Thomas decided to launch The Thomas Promise Foundation on the premise that no child should ever go hungry.

Today, The Thomas Promise Foundation provides bags full of food complete with six meals and snacks for Pasco County students over the weekend when they might otherwise go without. Twenty-seven Pasco schools and more than1,400 children benefit from this program every week of the school year. The foundation continues its mission over the summer by providing food for local summer feeding programs.

The foundation has not missed one weekend of deliveries since its inception.

Although its primary mission is to provide food for kids over the weekend, The Thomas Promise Foundation also assists with field trips, school clothes, and sports expenses, at the school’s request. Donations and volunteers are always welcome.

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