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Business Owner Creates Downtown New Port Richey Resource

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on July 17, 2023

Kelly Hackman, owner of The White Heron Tea & Gifts and Coastline Salt Room in downtown New Port Richey, has seen a lot of change since she first opened her tearoom in January 2016.

“I remember opening my shop and people asking me why I would want to be in downtown New Port Richey,” Hackman states.

The tearoom opened 7 ½ years ago and a lot has changed in downtown New Port Richey since then. Business space has become highly sought after, as the downtown districts continue to thrive.

“Being born in New Port Richey, I feel responsible to help my town out the best that I can so that it will continue to be here and thrive long after I’m gone,” Hackman says. “With so much growth around the area, sometimes people don’t take the time to come downtown and see the many great amenities we have.”

She states that when she is working at her tearoom or salt room, she is often asked about what other shops or restaurants are around. Many other business owners mentioned the same, and she felt it was time to put all of the information in one place.

In an effort to help visitors and locals learn more about what shops and dining are available in the town’s historic and palm districts of downtown New Port Richey, Hackman took it upon herself to create a tri-fold brochure that would act as a resource to promote the active business community.

Letting Guests and Locals Know About Shops and Dining in Downtown New Port Richey is the aim of a new brochure and website.

These brochures, printed by herself and other business owners downtown, are being distributed to the local businesses for their customers to take, free of charge. The demand for the brochures from the downtown businesses was so great that the initial run of 500 was handed out in less than 2 days. Being received so well, another 2,000 are in the process of being printed.

“There was such a need for something showcasing these businesses in our town,” Hackman says. “It’s summer and it’s a slower season for many businesses so we need to do what we can to make sure everyone knows what is here.” Provides an Electronic Version of the Popular Brochure

In addition to the brochure, Hackman created the website: for those who would prefer to have something electronic. It provides a page for both the Historic District and the Palm District, along with the shops and dining in those districts. Each business has their contact information, picture, and if you click on a business’ picture, you will be taken to their website or social media page.

“The website was secondary in this. I really wanted the brochure, but then I thought, it would be great to have it online too so people searching outside of the area can see what shops and restaurants we have, and maybe that will intrigue them enough to come and visit us.”

The intention of the website is to remain a resource for the downtown. In the future, Kelly would like to add blog posts about each business and work with an organization or group that will maintain a database of all the events so she can link them to her site.

Kelly is a WTA Certified Tea Sommelier, Tea Specialist, and Etiquette Consultant. Hackman has created a unique escape at her tearoom which has assisted in transforming her town’s historic landscape and assists in drawing guests to the area from throughout the Southeastern United States.

She and her husband, Bryan Hackman, also own Cotee River Brewing Company, Coastline Salt Room, and Crafty Grain Products, as well as the brands Driftwood Tea Company and Driftwood Botanicals.



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