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Celebrate Our Differences and Commonalities at the Multicultural Parade and Festival October 7

By Diane Bedard Posted on September 13, 2023

Multiculturalism is the presence of, or support for the presence of, several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within a society, according to the New Oxford American Dictionary. While Hernando County is pretty homogeneous in race, with over three-fourths of its population defined as white, 14% Hispanic, and just under 10% African American. Still, within these broad definitions, we have several distinct cultures, including Greek, Italian, Celtic, Puerto Rican, Columbian, Mexican, and more – all with value to contribute.

Last year, Brooksville Main Street and the Hernando Hispanic Heritage nonprofits worked together to bring the first Multicultural Parade and Festival to Hernando County, celebrating that “we are multicultural but one community.” Over 4,000 people came out to celebrate our unique and collaborative sides.

A parade was held, with many ethnic groups marching, pulling floats, playing music, and sharing the beauty of their heritage with others in this quaint, historic downtown. After the parade, festivalgoers gathered at Hernando Park and enjoyed the newest round of murals being displayed by their artists.

There were food vendors offering a wide variety of distinct cuisines, and live music on the stage of the Brooksville Bandshell.

Celebrate at the Multicultural Parade and Festival October 7

This year, you can kick off Founders’ Week on Saturday, October 7 by attending the second annual Multicultural Parade and Festival, a collaboration between Brooksville Main Street and the Hernando Hispanic Heritage organizations! This year’s Multicultural Parade and Festival is larger and broader than its predecessor, offering food, art, and entertainment celebrating different cultures from around the world.

This fun and joyful event combines a parade from Hernando High School to the Brooksville City Hall along Howell Avenue, starting at 11 a.m., with live music and a festival celebrating the many cultures of people living in Hernando County, as well as the unveiling of the newest round of murals, “Dreamscapes” and the opportunity to meet the artists who create them in Hernando Park.

Here’s a quick glimpse into the vibrant spirit permeating this one-day event.

There will be food vendors in the park and food trucks outside the park, offering quite a variety of international food options, including, Mo’Rockin Mediterranean, Spice Corner Indian, Primos Spanish, Chinese, French, and American offerings such as seafood, Philly cheesesteaks, sausage and peppers, southern BBQ, and Smokin’ Oak wood-fired pizza.

Live Music from Around the World

salsa dancing
Live African, Celtic, Latin and Stir Up the Gift musicians and singers will be performing. Image from Depositphotos.

Music has often been described as the language that unites us. The Multicultural Parade and Festival features several world music sounds performed live by talented musicians. Bring your lawn chairs down to Hernando Park, sit under the trees, and enjoy sounds that make you want to “boogie down.”

Keemba on da Drums creates rhythmic grooves with an African foundation, Celtic Conundrum is a trio creating Celtic tunes to dance and sing to, Point 6 is Tampa’s finest Latino and Salsa band, and Stir up the Gift local talent agency will be providing live music throughout the festival on the Brooksville Bandshell stage.

Celtic Conundrum is a group of three that not only love hearing each other play and share harmonies; they enjoy each other’s company, and it very much comes across on stage. All three bandmates (Gene Martinelli, Brian Seachrist, and Pamela Jo Hatley) have shared a love for music their entire lives. Their talent and passion can be heard in their music, so come on down and witness it for yourself.

Point 6, known as “Tampa’s Finest Latin Ensemble” will be bringing the best Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Latin rhythm to Hernando Park. Plan to dance and move.

Alex Bounds, a local artist from Brandon is one of the mobile muralists who will be onsite. Image courtesy of Brooksville Main Street.

Meet the Fall 2023 Mobile Mural Project Artists

Alex Bounds, aka iiigod, has been a multimedia artist his whole life, working in digital, music, photography, and modeling. He is based in Bradenton, Florida, and you can check out his work on Instagram or at Gallery 201 at City Hall, where he currently has a collection of portraits on display in the I – Identity exhibit.

Meanwhile, you can meet Alex and see how his vision for the Dreamscapes mural came to life at the Multicultural Festival.

Joan Manuel Casadiego is another Dreamscapes muralist who will be at the Festival. You may know him by his nickname, “Johan.” Joan was born in Venezuela and has been in the US for over 22 years.

One of Joan Manuel Casadiego’s art pieces. Image courtesy of Brooksville Main Street.

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved art in general. I usually look for new ways to communicate with the viewers, through different styles or elements. I try not to limit myself to only one medium to express my thoughts. My mind is always working and associating shapes on everything I see. This also helps me get more sensitive to the richness of lights and shadows around me. I’m constantly noticing elements that give me ideas to create new compositions,” Joan (Johan) says.

Lorena Greer, an artist who was born and raised in Colombia has been based in Florida for four years and is developing her career as a fine artist. Lorena has always been interested in vibrant and colorful paintings that highlight and explore female and natural beauty.

Lorena Greer, an artist who was born and raised in Colombia with some of her pieces. Image courtesy of Brooksville Main Street.

What will Joan and Lorna create for their Dreamscapes murals? Find out on October 7 in Hernando Park.

The Multicultural Festival Celebrates Culture

Who doesn’t love a parade? This short, colorful, lively parade starts at 11 a.m. and is followed by the Festival in Hernando Park. Bring your family down to Brooksville and enjoy the variety of food, drink, art, and music offered. Artisan vendors will have unique items to shop and buy.

Who doesn’t love a parade? The Multicultural Parade celebrates each culture’s heritage. Image courtesy of Brooksville Main Street.

Sample several of the ethnic cuisines offered at the Festival. There will be kids’ activities and free face painting, as well as food trucks and vendors. See the newest Mobile Murals with a Dreamscapes theme, and meet their creators.

Bring your own chairs and enjoy a picnic with your neighbors and friends and help to celebrate the value of bringing our differences together for the greater good at the Second Annual Multicultural Parade and Festival in Brooksville on October 7, 2023.



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