Chinsegut Conservation Center June Programs

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on June 1, 2017

June 2nd 8:00 AM        Road-side Cleanup: If you love Chinsegut, help us keep it clean! From 8:00 AM until we finish Chinsegut staff and volunteers (this could be you) will clean up the litter dumped on the roadside along Snow Memorial Highway. The Center will provide gloves, litter sticks, collection tools, high visibility vests and water. Call (352) 754-6722 to volunteer for this cleanup.

June 2nd 8:00 PM        Movie Night “On the Wing”: Chinsegut is teaming up with the local Audubon chapter to build a chimney swift tower. Funds raised during these movie nights through donations and snack purchases (cash only) will help toward this cause. “On the Wing” is a documentary about a community coming together to save a chimney swift tower and discovering their passion for these marvels on the wing. Run time approx. 60 minutes.

June 7th 6:30 PM        Basin Marshes: Once a common landscape feature throughout upland Florida areas, basin marshes are a hotspot for wildlife in otherwise dry areas. This 1 hour lecture will introduce you to the formation of basin marshes, their cycles and their disappearance. No need to register for this free program. Program is designed for adults.

June 9th 10:00 AM      UF/IFAS Snakes: Florida is home to more than 50 snake species, almost all of which are becoming increasingly rare. Learn more about our usually secretive serpentine neighbors in this special program from the University of Florida’s Food and Agricultural Science section. During this program you will have the opportunity to see live snakes.

June 9th 6:30 PM        Night Hike, fairy jars: Night hiking is fun and something we enjoy regularly at Chinsegut. For this special kids hike, we are adding a little something extra. Children ages 5+ are invited to bring their parents out to Chinsegut to create a light up Fairy Jar or Bug Jar before the start of the hike. During this craft time we will watch a “G” rated fairy movie. When we finish we will take our fairies and bugs to May’s Prairie to light our hike. This program requires pre-registration and a $10.00 per child fee for materials. Limited to 20 Children. This program will run approximately 3.5 hours in total.

 June 10th 10:00 AM    Tree Walk: Join local arborist Ken Morgan for a short guided walk through Chinsegut to hear information on tree diversity from the man who speaks for the trees. Ken is happy to have all ages join this walk, everyone of any age can always learn more from this knowledgeable expert. No need to sign up just be here by 10:00.

June 14th 6:30 PM      Basin Marsh Plants and Animals: Basin Marshes are uniquely wet areas in otherwise arid environments. Basin marshes host an incredible variety of life year round and seasonally. Visit Chinsegut for a slideshow and talk on the diversity of life, both plant and animal in May’s Prairie. No need to register for this free program.

June 17th 2:00 PM      Children in the WILD; turtles and tortoises: It’s that special time of year when turtles and tortoises are creating the next generation. Children ages 5-9 can join us for a 1 hour program dedicated to turtles and tortoise. Meet some turtles and see a variety of turtle artifacts while learning about these shelled wonders. Please register online at

June 17th 6:00 PM      Survival Bracelets: Fun activity for a do-it-yourself kind of person. Whether you like to explore outdoors or are just looking for a new fashion accessory survival bracelets are a trendy item to have. There is a $10.00 fee per participant. Please pre-register at or by calling (352) 754-6722.

 June 17th 8:00 PM      Night Hike: Join us for a guided night hike through Chinsegut WEA. No need to register, please arrive on time. Night hikes recommended for ages 8+.

 June 21st 7:00 PM       Volunteer Chinsegut: If you have ever been curious about volunteer opportunities at Chinsegut this is your chance to get more information about roles, the Center, and how to help out. Chinsegut will be hosting a get together for current volunteers with some updates on the Center and programs. Please register to attend at (352) 754-6722.

 June 23rd 6:30 PM      Bats with Colleen Werner: Florida Forest Service Biologist Colleen Werner has dedicated thousands of hours to the study and preservation of Florida bats, right here on the Brooksville Ridge. Join Colleen for this incredibly informative presentation packed full of beautiful photography then stick around to see the Chinsegut bats emerge for the evening. Chinsegut’s bat boxes are home to over 1000 Brazilian Free-tailed Bats.

 June 24th 9:00 AM      Big Pine Butterfly hike: Big Pine is a-bloom. Join the Conservation Center staff for a guided hike to a teeming butterfly hot-spot to see how many species we can find and photograph. Please register in advance for this free program. Ages 10+ only, this activity will require a hike in a fairly unshaded open area, plan to bring water. Register by calling (352) 754-6722.

 June 25th 8:00 AM      Walking Sticks: New to Chinsegut! This walking club will meet once a month to hike and learn about different Natural Areas in Florida and how FWC manages lands. This inaugural 2 mile hike will take place around the main loop of May’s Prairie at Chinsegut. This is a casual paced walk and the Center will provide a walking stick for members to borrow during hikes. Hikes will meet the last Sunday of each month. Limited to 15 hikers, call (352) 754-6722 to register.

Multiple offerings for Creative Nature Photography and nature craft opportunities with Green-Fly Media. Always more than meets the eye. Learn about elements in nature by attending one of these hands-on fun programs. Schedule on-line at search “Chinsegut Conservation Center”.



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