Chinsegut Conservation Center March 2018 Programs

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on February 26, 2018

March 2nd 10:00 AM          UF/IFAS: The Good the Bad and the Bugly: This free program will inform you who is good, bad or bugly among your landscape visitors. Learn when and how to manage yard ‘pests’. No need to register. Join this and other Florida-Friendly and Water-Wise workshops each month to learn about your Florida yard. Program length: 1 hour

March 2nd 6:30 PM            Dr. Seuss Day: Families are invited to visit Chinsegut for a reading of “The Lorax”. This program is ideal for families with children 5-9 and includes other Seussical fun, activities and snacks. Free program, runs approximately 1.5 hours. Please let us know you’re coming by calling (352) 754-6722. Program length: Approximately 1.5 hours

March 3rd 11:00 AM           Birding 101: If you have ever had an interest in birding, visit for this free program that covers all the basics for new birders. Learn what equipment is ideal and how to start off on the road to quick and accurate bird ID. This session is ideal for ages 16+ please register online or at (352) 754-6722. All equipment provided for this class. Program length: 3 hours

March 7th 5:00 PM             Wednesday Wildlife Walk: As the season warms up our wildlife walks will come to an end. This free guided evening hike is open to all ages, no registration required. Stop in to look and listen for wildlife roaming the trails. This hike will be held at Big Pine WEA off Old Crystal river Road. Program length: 1.5 hours

March 9th 6:30 PM             Swarms, Amphibians in Isolated Wetlands: Chinsegut educator Joe will guide a group to May’s Prairie in hopes of collecting a number of different amphibians and their spawn. Come join the fun, bring a head lamp if you have one. This free program is limited to 15 participants ages 10+. Register online or by calling (352) 754-6722. Program length: 2 hours

Chinsegut Conservation Center’s wetlands – home to wading birds, many dragonfly species, frogs, toads and a whole slew of creatures.

March 10th 11:00 AM        Pee-Wee Archery: This is an opportunity for mom or dad to work alongside youngsters who are interested in learning archery. Ages 5-9 will have an opportunity to learn the basics of archery using our scaled down equipment, one-on-one coaching and help from mom or dad. Space is limited for this one-hour program. Register at (352) 754-6722. Program length: 1 hour

March 10th 10:00-3:00      Photo-blitz for Florida Nature Trackers: Bring the camera or smart phone out to Chinsegut to help populate information on our iNaturalist page. iNaturalist allows the public to snap photos in a “project area” and upload them to the internet for ID. Learn about iNaturalist and Florida Nature Trackers and have some fun with the family seeing who can snap the most rare and unique photos of spiders, insects, pollinators, birds and flowers. Free program for all ages, no need to register, Florida Nature Trackers download required from 

March 13-14th 9:00-3:00   Archery Beyond Beginners: This two-day archery exploration program will take students from the basics of beginning archery to planning a hunt and the ethics of hunting. All equipment is provided by the Center. Encourage your child to learn more about this historic skill in our safe environment. This class is limited to 12 participants by pre-registration. Children must bring water and a lunch each day. The cost is 20.00 per child, register at (352) 754-6722. 

March 14th 6:00 PM           Growing up Sandhill: Follow the times and trials of the Sandhill Crane pair that have called Chinsegut home for years as they cope with raising chicks in an unpredictable environment. This is an indoor program approximately one hour in length. We will be expecting this year’s chick, often called colts, arrival soon! Program length: 1 hour

March 17th 10:00 AM        Ken Morgan Tree Walk: Put on the hiking boots and make your way to Chinsegut to follow along with local Arborist and tree whisperer Ken Morgan as he identifies and discusses the tree diversity around our main loop trail. This program will include a minimum two-mile-long hike around the perimeter of May’s Prairie. Please wear appropriate shoes, hike open to ages 12+. RSVP to (352) 754-6722. Program length: Approximately 1.5 hours

March 17th 2:00 PM           Children in the WILD; Sandhill Cranes: Ideal for ages 5-9, these monthly kid’s programs introduce wildlife in a fun interactive way. Programs include book readings, crafts or other activities. Programs are free to attend, please register in advance to ensure we have enough materials for all children. Register online at or call (352) 754-6722. Program length: 1 hour

Image courtesy of Pat Manfredo.

March 21st 5:00 PM           Wednesday Wildlife Walk: The season for evening wildlife walks is coming to an end. Visit for this last opportunity to tour Chinsegut while looking and listening for some of our common wildlife. This is a free program for all ages. No need to register. Program length: 1.5 hours

March 23rd 8:30 AM          Beginning Birding with Audubon: Join Hernando Audubon volunteers for a guided hike to find the feathered winter residents of Chinsegut. This great program, for all levels of birder includes a hike to Mays Prairie. Bird guides and binoculars may be borrowed from the Center. No need to register for this free program.  Program length: Approximately 2.5 hours

 March 23rd 7:00 PM           Chuck-wills widow night hike: Chuck-wills widow birds are more often heard than seen. This unusual looking night time flyer can often be heard at Chinsegut. This night hiking opportunity focuses on Chuck-wills widows and other night flyers. This program is open to ages 5+ and will include an approximately half mile hike in the dark. Limited to 20 participants, please register online or by calling (352) 754-6722. Program length: 1.5 -2 hours

March 31st 8:00 AM          Walking Sticks at Big Pine: Each month the ‘Walking Sticks’ hiking club meets to tour and discuss FWC properties, what species/habitats they protect and how they are managed. This is a free program, hikers are not required to attend all hikes. Adults only please. Register at (352) 754-6722. Program length: 1.5 hours



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