Citrus County Cleans Up After Hurricane Idalia

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on September 12, 2023

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Citrus County Cleans Up After Hurricane Idalia

Hurricane Idalia brought significant damage and flooding across coastal Citrus County, particularly in Evacuation Zone A. The Department of Public Works is working with contracted debris removal companies to clean up the damage left behind.

Pickups began within unincorporated Citrus County (not within the city limits of Crystal River or Inverness) on Tuesday, September 5, and will continue until all storm debris is accounted for. By Friday afternoon, almost 2,000 cubic yards of debris had been removed by contractors.

Residents are asked to stage debris (not including everyday household trash) in the right-of-way for pickup, separating vegetative debris, construction & demolition debris, appliances, and electronics. Avoid stacking or leaning – placing debris near or on trees, poles, or other structures makes removal difficult.

Although the debris removal companies are currently only picking up on public rights-of-way, Citrus County is coordinating with state and federal partners to ensure that assistance is available for all of its communities and residents.

Learn more in this video: To get more information and updates, visit Citrus County’s Hurricane Idalia alert page at



Carolyn King says

Will they pick up our yard debris from the storm if we don’t have regular trash pick up through them? And if I’m disabled is there somewhere that can help with the yard cleanup?

Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ says

I would contact the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce about volunteers to help with yard cleanup and the Citrus County Emergency Management about debris pickup. We are glad you are ok.

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