Citrus County Housing Program Recognized Nationally as Best Practice

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on August 22, 2020

In just four short years of implementation Citrus County’s HUD Veterans Assistance Supportive Housing (VASH) program has been recognized as a National “Best Practice” model for success. 

Citrus County Housing Program Recognized Nationally as Best Practice

From 2016 when the County first began awarding vouchers to now the program has built to a total of fifty-two vouchers.  Recently the Department of Veteran Affairs Office of Healthcare for Homeless Veterans Program recognized Citrus County Housing Division as a National “Best Practice” for supporting veterans, going one-step further than the norm, and allowing them to lease-up in an assisted living facility (ALF). 

“Our veteran population is aging and offering ALF services provides the highest level of independence possible for those veterans who would benefit from the care an ALF has to offer,” said Tampa HUD VASH Supervisor Parvin Thomas.  “This is a service we have discussed providing for years, but just weren’t sure how to begin the process.  You can’t image how excited we were to find out that we had the subject-matter-experts right in our own backyard!”

“We feel our veterans have earned the right to live with dignity, comfort and safety and the VA is recognizing us for the compassion we extend to them through this program,” said Housing Services Director Tammy Harris. Although, this is a service the Division has only provided for a couple of years, the word has spread fast through the VA social worker network and now veterans’ programs are eager to get on-board.

Housing Services Occupancy Specialist Heather Roberson has been invited by the Tampa Department of Veterans Affairs to participate in a series of webinars that will be conducted nationally in partnership with the VA to assist other counties and Public Housing Authorities to develop successful programs similar to Citrus County’s. For more information on this program, please call 352-527-7520.



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