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City of Brooksville Announces Partnership with CGI Digital For Video Showcase

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on July 28, 2022

The City of Brooksville is pleased to announce they have partnered with CGI Digital, for the creation of a video series about the Brooksville community. 

City of Brooksville Announces Partnership with CGI Digital For Video Showcase

This video series will showcase everything that makes Brooksville a great place to live, work, and play.   

 The main goal of the video program is to welcome, attract and connect new residents but more importantly, to share everything the community has to offer. In addition, this project allows new families to get connected with businesses directly through video interface.  The videos will be showcased on the official City of Brooksville website and other social media platforms.  

 Headquartered in Rochester, NY, CGI Digital is a company dedicated to serving communities and businesses across the United States. Their video programs help tell the stories of communities that make up the majority of the nation, while also putting Main Street businesses in the spotlight, and highlighting the meaningful impact they can have on their community. This important synergy is a crucial element to CGI’s mantra of creativity, growth and inspiration; helping cities and the businesses that plant their roots within stand apart, bring in new residents, and have a positive impact on the people who live there.  CGI Digital is a pioneer in municipal marketing for thousands of communities in North America. CGI’s tenure has led to partnerships with both the National League of Cities (NLC) and United States Conference of Mayors, (USCM), as well as the endorsement of the National Association of Counties. 

For more information about CGI Digital visit: https://cgidigital.com. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities or to request an appointment please contact Dominick Morano at 585-747-1780 or by email dmorano@cgicompany.com.  



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