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City of Brooksville CRA Announces Grant Awards

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on July 24, 2023

The City of Brooksville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has awarded nine property improvement matching grants beginning in May of 2022 through July of 2023.

City of Brooksville CRA Announces Grant Awards

The Property Improvement Matching Grant Program provides funding of a one-to-one
dollar match with a maximum grant of $20,000.00 awarded to any property for eligible approved
projects. Award of grant funds are made following completion and final inspection of the
improvement project. The Executive Review Committee makes recommendations to the CRA to
award funds to applicants of this program. Applicants need to refer to the 2022 Grant
Application Guidelines prior to applying.

Grant funds have been awarded to the following businesses:

  • John & Tanya Myers, Broad Street Brewing Company at 291 E. Jefferson was awarded
    $20,000 for property improvements.
  • Robert A. Buckner & Associates, Inc. at 161 E. Jefferson St. was awarded $20,000 for
    roof replacement, exterior and interior renovations.
  • Pastor Christopher Gosselin, Harvest Time Hernando Church at 504 E. Jefferson St. was
    awarded $1,100 to replace their existing sign.
  • Robert A. Buckner at 11 N. Main St. was awarded $3,604.20 for exterior renovation and
  • Steven D. Champion at 158 S. Main St. was awarded $20,000 for roof replacement.
  • Robert Riley, Pronto Cleaners at 104 S. Main St. was awarded $20,000 for exterior
    renovations including new awnings, new signage, paint, outdoor lighting, and a new
  • Archana Reddy at 245 E. Ft. Dade Ave. was awarded $20,000 for roof repairs, electrical
    and plumbing repairs, insulation and drywall renovations, and HVAC repair.
  • Aimee Kerr, The Tilted Teacup Tearoom & Boutique at 410 E. Liberty St. was awarded
    $20,000 for roof replacement and parking lot renovations.
  • Darryl Johnston, Johnston Law Group at 29 S. Brooksville Ave. was awarded $9,781.75
    for roof replacement.

All properties located in the Brooksville CRA district are eligible for this improvement matching grant program. The area includes properties that front along portions of Main Street, Liberty Street, Broad Street, Jefferson Street, Fort Dade Avenue, and Saxon Avenue. A map of the CRA area and a copy of the grant application are available on the City’s website at, or at the Community Development Department, 201 Howell Avenue, Brooksville, Florida.
For more information on the CRA grant program, please contact the Community Development Department at (352) 540-3810.



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