City of Brooksville Honors Roy Link

City of Brooksville Honors Roy Link

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on March 10, 2023

During the March 6, 2023, Brooksville City Council Meeting, the  members of the City Council honored third generation Brooksvillian, Roy Link, for his heroic efforts. 

City of Brooksville Honors Roy Link

Roy Link miraculously found missing two-year-old, Joshua “JJ” Rowland, after the tot disappeared from his home on Thursday, February 23, 2023.  After more than 24 hours, Link found JJ in a densely wooded area several miles from his home.  

Link felt he had been guided by something that he described later as ‘being from the Lord” when he decided to not go on a planned fishing trip and instead joined the search for the little tot.   

Dozens of law enforcement and nearly 100 community volunteers searched for JJ that first day but to no avail. Roy was ‘driven’ to join the search the next day, Friday, February 24, that began at dawn. In the midst of his search, Roy prayed that JJ would be found safe and sound, not more than ten minutes later, heard a “whimpering kind of noise”, Roy then went about 100 feet into the woods where he found the safe but frightened little boy.  JJ, with just a few scratches and bruises, came willingly and gratefully into Roy’s arms. 

Not wanting to take any credit, the modest hero was quick to thank the community and law enforcement for coming together and joining in on the search for JJ. Roy gave glory to God for the miracle of allowing JJ to be found unharmed and Roy was grateful to be a part of helping reunite JJ with his family.  

The Brooksville City Council wants to recognize Roy’s heroic efforts and great love for his community when he made the decision to put others first and search for Joshua “JJ” Rowland and furthermore honors the bond between the two that will last a lifetime.  

For information regarding the proclamation contact the City of Brooksville at 352-540-3810 or



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