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City’s Beautification Board Commercial Improvement Award Winners

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on October 8, 2022

Nomination forms for a Beautification award can be found here: https://www.cityofbrooksville.us/beautification-board/files/margaret-r-ghiotto-nomination-form 

City’s Beautification Board Commercial Improvement Award Winners

During the October 3, 2022, City of Brooksville City Council meeting the City Council and the City’s Beautification Board announced the winners of the monthly Margaret R. Ghiotto Commercial Improvement Award.  The commercial property award winners, Lee Golinello & Celeste Johnson, owner of Downtown Loser, located at 202 S. Broad Street are recognized for beautifying property located within the City.   

The Beautification Board takes nominations for the Beatification Award for residential and commercial properties throughout the entire year.  Criteria for nomination includes: 

  • Property must be within the City limits of Brooksville 
  • Beautification is limited to improvement of the exterior and/or surrounding grounds; 
  • The Beautification effort must be easily recognizable to any person that is a member of the Beautification Board: 
  • The Beautification Board will select and award one (1) award per month to either a new or an existing property. 

The selected business and/or home will receive a City of Brooksville award certificate and a yard sign with the phrase “City of Brooksville Beautification Award” to display on their property for one (1) month. 

The Board is appointed by City Council and consists of seven (7) voting members and a City Council representative. This board is responsible for the beautification of the City of Brooksville through education of the citizens, utilizing contests, information, award programs, as well as the Adopt-a-Street Program. The Board Members serve four-year staggered terms of office, all expiring in December of their respective term.   

For more information on the Beautification Board or it’s programs, please call the City of Brooksville, Parks & Recreation Department at 352-540-3830.  



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