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By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on November 29, 2018

Florida’s Adventure Coast app makes planning local adventure easy and fast

Hernando County rebranded itself as Florida’s Adventure Coast several years ago, with an emphasis on natural, outdoor adventures like hiking, kayaking, canoeing, atv and upick farm activities. At first I thought they were crazy because I was thinking of high energy and high dollar adventures like theme parks and jumping out of airplanes but it has grown on me.

The Adventure Coast is in the Nature Coast, so they partner with NatureCoaster to help bring NatureCoasters the best of this area. Recently, Florida’s Adventure Coast brought an app out to help everyone plan their fun in Hernando County. It was designed to help visitors, but I find it very helpful for anyone.

Download the App

Download the App to any smartphone by clicking here and following instructions or visiting the App Store. With a strong 4.8 rating and stellar reviews, I was comfortable downloading this tool to my iphone and taking it for a test drive.

Events at a glance

The app opens with current events for the next 90 days that appear to feed in from Facebook. There is a little bit of everything from plays to sales. It is nice to see everything that’s available in the area, but I would prefer to leave out the sales. I used the handy Filter to sort out shopping.

The filter is located in the top right corner of the app and looks like a funnel. By default, everything is selected, but by clicking the checkbox next to “Select All”, I can choose which category I prefer.

The filter appears to be dependent on each event being categorized, so the only way to get everything is to select all. Some of the events may not be categorized.

Florida’s Adventure Coast app opens to area events for the next 90 days.

Featuring a Useful Menu

On the top left side of the app is the beautiful Florida’s Adventure Coast logo and by clicking that, a handy menu pops out. Each user can choose from Events, Places, Feed, Itineraries and “My Plan.”

All the Places

Places includes all types of area businesses, parks, and organizations. By combining the Places and the Filter with the location system in your phone, this app can be very useful. Looking for a place to eat near you?  Select Places, filter by Dining and then click on the map’s arrow. Every business in the area will appear with restaurants first. The restaurants will list from nearest to furthest or alphabetically, your choice.


This feature provides a direct listing of the posts on Facebook by Florida’s Adventure Coast in date order from most recent back. A great way to keep up with the happenings through the eyes of a visitor or traveler, mixed in with traffic and fishing tips.


Florida’s Adventure Coast took the time to plan some fun “themed tours” of Hernando County.  With maps, stops and suggested dining options, these Itineraries are well thought out and should make a great way to spend a day, half-day or weekend with friends and family. Each suggested place in the itineraries is connected to their profile and the routes are conveniently mapped.

The smartphone technology allows a user to call, visit each entity’s website, a instantly map each location on the tour. “Get Directions” is part of the package.

After you’ve made your plan, share it via email or social media through the app.

My Plan

Each part of the Florida Adventure Coast app allows users to easily add their finds to “My Plan.” Just click the “+” sign in the bottom center of the screen and each item is added to My Plan. When you have devised your perfect adventure, go back to the menu item and your favorites are saved in a convenient place.

When you click the “Start Plan” button, you are immediately taken to directions where each step of your tour is shown on a map as well as given in written directions.

Plans can be shared through the share button via text, email, or social media posts.

Florida’s Adventure Coast app is even available online for the larger screen experience.

What’s good-What’s not so good

Overall, this is a super useful amazing app for venturing around Florida’s Adventure Coast. The integration of events, places and itineraries along with customization and filtering options shows a lot of thought went into it.

The only things that seems to be lacking is the limited descriptions and the miscategorized items. Since it is very easy to ignore what doesn’t fit and utilize what does, this is a small price to pay for the convenience of having pretty much everything in Hernando County available and easy to add to my plan.

Florida’s Adventure Coast, thank you for making it easier to have fun on Florida’s Nature Coast – at least your part!

Download the Florida’s Adventure Coast App to any smartphone by clicking here and following instructions or visiting the App Store or Google Play.



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