Final Florida Estates Winery Festival is January 27

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on January 25, 2018

Come out and enjoy the weekend. Have a glass of wine,relax,and  enjoy the sounds of Alex and Konstantine   Participate in an informative wine tasting with Ron, have a little fun, then shop our vendors. They have so many unique and handmade items and some you have known for years!

Florida Estates Winery is closing.  Yes, really, officially closing.  According to Doctors orders, Ron Hunt needs to retire.  Since he is the one who takes care of everything then when he retires, Florida Estates Winery closes.  The final festival is this Saturday and then they will be open for two or three more weeks trying to take care of everything that it takes to close.

Until they close, everything in the store (except wine and a few select items) will be 40% off.  They are running low on wine so once it is gone…  Remember, 40% OFF Excluding wine.

Ron sent a letter, which we quote below:

“Now to get sentimental.  It has been a GREAT sixteen years.  I have met some fabulous people.  I have seen children grow up and then do wine tastings. We have survived 9-11 (we opened just three months after).  We survived the 2004 rash of Hurricanes.  We survived the BP oil spill.  We survived the great depression of the late 2000’s.  We also survived Irma.  I have had people from around the world stop in the winery.  I have had numerous people from every state in the nation visit us.  We have close to 8,000 on our e-mail newsletter list. As of right now we have 1,900 on our facebook page.

The best thing is all of you are wine lovers and we hope we added a little to your wine experience.

I  am not gone.  I will still be doing my blog talk radio show weekly.  You can find a link to All About Wine here.  We will also, for now, leave up our web site and our facebook page.  If you have any wine questions then contact me.  I will miss all of you who stop in to see us.  Be safe and continue to drink and enjoy wine.

The last Tip Jar is for Pasco County Animal Services, a non-kill shelter that does a great job of finding new homes for cats and dogs.

Hope to see you Saturday (if not then Goodbye!)”



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