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Floral City Labyrinth welcomes Visitors 24/7 since 1995

By Diane Bedard Posted on August 26, 2021

It was the early 1990s – yes, about 30 years ago – and the Floral City Garden Club completed a Xeriscape exhibition garden in front of the Post Office for the 20th anniversary of Earth Day. Now the club was ready to take on another area to beautify in downtown Floral City.

The space between the old Public Library and the Masonic Lodge building was in need of enhancement. In 1993 the Floral City Garden Club developed plans for an in-ground brick Labyrinth, a fountain, a seating area and a espalier on the Library wall.

After presenting the plans to the Library Services and the Lodge, club members went about pruning, planting and mulching.

However, it took a couple years and discussions with five brick masons before one was found who would take on the complex Labyrinth design. Stuart’s Custom Masonry followed the to-scale drawings and construction was accomplished in November of 1995.

After the informative sign, an entrance arbor and walkway were added, dedication of the Floral City Community Memorial Garden was held on October 27, 1996.

Video by Diane Bedard

The Floral City Community Garden

The Club agreed there would be no names in the Garden, only memories. Names in memorial, in honor of, or just special garden gifts, are recorded in a special notebook and displayed in the Floral City Public Library. Information fliers and donor cards are available there also.

Anyone who desires to honor a Floral City resident may do so with a donation toward the perpetual maintenance of the Community Garden. Donors’ names and that of the person being honored are recorded in the Memorial Book.

The in-ground, brick Labyrinth was the first of its kind to be constructed in Citrus County. These drawings and the book, “Walking A Sacred Path” by Dr. Lauren Artress, were shared with Terri Vista, which led to another Labyrinth being installed at the site of the Unity Church of Citrus County at 2628 W Woodview Lane, in Lecanto.

The walk up to the Floral City Labyrinth in the Memorial Garden is relaxing. Image by Diane Bedard.

Labryinths are Located throughout the World

Labyrinths are not limited to Citrus County, the Labyrinth Society states that as many as 61,000 (including a few mazes) can be found in more than 85 countries. This international organization provides the location of all Labyrinths that have been listed with them.

The Labyrinth Society supports all who create, maintains and use Labyrinths. By searching their Labryinth Locator for Floral City, FL 34436, one can view the Garden Club’s Labyrinth listing and also the Labyrinth at Unity of Citrus County. There are numerous listings in Ocala, Gainsville, Spring Hill, Odessa and other near-by areas.

Labyrinths have a continuous path, and is a tool which once formed the heart of Christian spiritual practice. Image by ev3177 from Pixabay

About Labryinths

A Labyrinth is distinguished from a maze in the fact that it is a continuous path, while a maze has dead ends.

The labyrinth is a tool which once formed the heart of Christian spiritual practice. One of the early Christian Labyrinths is in the floor of the Chartres Cathedral in France and dates from c.1194 AD. During the Crusades, when the journey to Jerusalem was too dangerous, Christians traveled to a pilgrimage cathedral containing a Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth contains the Path, the Center, the Labrys, and the Lunations.

  • The Path overall represents Creation. It has eleven concentric circles and a twelfth formed by the center. This number signifies the Apostles, the Tribes of Israel, and the months of the year.
  • The Center is a rose-shaped area and is symbolic of love. The six petals are symbolic of the six days of Creation: one for each:  mineral vegetable, animal, human, angelic and the unknown.
  • The Labyrs are the ten areas between the turns and the symbol of Creativity, fulfillment, perfection and the Commandments. When viewed from above they form a large cross.
  • The Lunations are the outer ring of partial circles. In this design these thirty lunations represent the monthly cycles of the year and the four quadrants of the labyrinth mark each quarter.

It is said that the Labyrinth may mirror relationship themes: One moment you may be walking alongside someone and then in a flash, their path will turn and they will disappear from view. The metaphors are endless and every venture into the Labyrinth can harvest a different experience.

The Floral City Labyrinth in the memorial garden next to the library is small, but relaxing. The pattern is done is two colors of brick and the center floral image’s six petals are peaceful to meditate on. Image by Diane Bedard.

Floral City’s Labyrinth is Relaxing, though small

On an outing to take in nature and some fresh air, Naturecoaster explored this free – open 24 hours a day – Memorial Garden in the heart of Floral City. We parked behind the library, where there is free public parking and walked up the pathway between the former Masonic building and the library, which was nicely landscaped with hearty plants that sought to envelope us in their grasp.

To our right, hanging from a tree was a sign welcoming us the the “Memorial Garden: a place to relax and meditate.” It is small and beautiful, like Floral City. Plumeria and ginger offered flowers to one side. Palms and plants waved in the gentle breeze on the other.

Straight ahead the walkway continued to Floral City’s town square of sorts. The library, community center and history museum are all in this area, which was recently enhanced with metal art flowers.

After walking past the labyrinth, we turned around and walked toward it and the memorial garden from the community park side. The view is relaxing and we took a few minutes to walk around the labyrinth to ponder.

Come on out to the Citrus County Walk Aware for Alzheimer’s November 13, starting in the community commons seen here. You can visit the Labyrinth, Memorial Garden, and help raise funds for Alzheimer’s education on the Nature Coast. Video by Diane Bedard.

Come out to Floral City November 13 to Visit the Labyrinth and join Citrus County Walk Aware for Alzheimer’s

On Saturday, November 13, you can visit this Labyrinth and join the annual Citrus County Walk Aware for Alzheimer’s. Docents in period costumes will be on hand in the Memorial Garden from the Floral City Garden Club to provide more information.

During the summer, Floral City Garden Club members continue to maintain the other community Gardens in town and look forward to the Club’s next meeting on September 10 at 11:00 a.m. in the Floral City Community House, located in the Town Center.

For more Club information and for the monthly Horticulture Hints visit www.floralcitygardenclub.weebly.com or contact President Carol Wood at president@floralcitygardenclub.com



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