Florida Forest Service releases FLBurnTools app

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on February 23, 2017

Please note that the FLBurnTools app is no longer available. Updated May 21, 2023.

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam and the Florida Forest Service today announced the release of “FLBurnTools,” a new mobile app to inform the public about drought, wildfire danger and wildfire activity. Prescribed burn practitioners can also use the app to plan and submit authorization requests. The “FLBurnTools” app is now available in both Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.

“By providing Floridians with better access to the latest wildfire information, we can help protect people, wildlife and property,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam. “Residents can now see real-time conditions in their area and take the appropriate safety precautions.”

The Florida Forest Service’s prescribed fire program is a nationwide leader, treating more than 2.1 million acres last year and providing approximately 88,000 burn authorizations annually. In addition to administering Florida’s prescribed fire program, the Florida Forest Service responds to wildfires during Florida’s year-round wildfire season. Last year, more than 2,100 wildfires burned 53,476 acres in Florida.

The “FLBurnTools” app provides the following tools:

  • Drought information
  • Interactive fire maps
  • Wildfire information
  • Burning authorization requests
  • Smoke dispersion models
  • Spot weather forecasts

“Wildfire activity is on the rise and wildfire danger is expected to increase greatly in the coming months,” said Jim Karels, Florida State Forester. “Floridians equipped with the ‘FLBurnTools’ app can view the locations of nearby wildfires and see up-to-date drought and wildfire danger information.”

The Florida Forest Service, a division of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, manages more than 1 million acres of state forests and provides forest management assistance on more than 17 million acres of private and community forests. The Florida Forest Service is also responsible for protecting homes, forestland and natural resources from the devastating effects of wildfire on more than 26 million acres. Learn more at FloridaForestService.com.



Winnie says

I must be doing something wrong, I’ve been trying to download the app and I get the no result’s found.

Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ says

This story is from 2017, and I do not think the app is still available. I will remove the story.

Peggy Loope says

Recently I downloaded this new app due to the fires. Is there not an alert with this app ? Until all the fire trucks passed me today in our subdivision, I was unaware that the fires were burning again just behind my neighbors house.

Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ says

I downloaded the app too and don’t see an alert system. Why don’t you submit the idea through the app. It’s a good one!

Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ says

Peggy, I am unsure about the app. Have you contacted the Florida First Service? Perhaps one of the State forests.

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