Getting Fit with TreeUmph of Brooksville!

By Diane Bedard Posted on May 24, 2018

Not all of our readers know, but I started when I was an invalid, recovering from a life-changing incident.

My body had been pretty trashed in August of 2013, and my brain was somewhat foggy from months of hospitalization and drugs (for sedation and pain). I spent 3 months in a Trauma hospital, and then a month or so in a rehab hospital where I relearned how to walk and write, along with other motor skills. Through the fog, I decided to start NatureCoaster as a way to unite people with the awesomeness of Florida’s Nature Coast.

After getting home, I weighed 45 pounds less than I do now. Additionally, I do not have the stamina that I used to and I have been somewhat afraid of ‘overdoing’ exercise. While I enjoyed being thinner, today I enjoy being stronger. I know I can have both of these things if I eat less and exercise more. Simple solutions.

My chosen profession involves more sitting than moving, with writing and sales calls, along with driving to various activities the majority of what I do. And management and planning – again, not real physically demanding tasks. Consequently, I have not done enough to regain strength and stamina – and I have a good excuse from my incident.

I have never been fond of gyms for a number of reasons, none of which are important, but I do love to get outside in nature and walk.

I am also not overly coordinated, so sports are not something I enjoy (after you have missed the tennis, volley, or basket ball more that you have made contact with them, you learn to avoid those team things).

In December of 2017, after many months of work and paperwork, TreeUmph! of Brooksville opened at 6440 Cedar Lane. With almost 40 acres and a whopping 130 adventure games, it is the Mac Daddy of treetop adventure parks – and it’s only 4 miles from my home.

The entrance to TreeUmph! Brooksville is beautifully fit into the environment.

As a member of the local media, NatureCoaster was invited to join the opening day party, where I tried their adventure course and zip lines for the first time. I had been offered the opportunity to try the other two zipline courses in the Nature Coast on previous dates, but fear of hurting myself after my numerous surgeries had kept me from trying.

At the December event, I met Kathy Corr, one of the owners of TreeUmph! of Bradenton and TreeUmph! of Brooksville. Her gentle demeanor and her enthusiasm for physical fitness with fun, as well as her children and parents participating in the event, along with the safety demonstrations, the number of trained employees there to help in case of fright, and the mini demo course added up to get me to try.

A little apprehensive after Jessica had gotten my harness fit properly. She was a big help.

What FUN! I made it through the first of six adventure courses in the trees that day. This was the beginner course, considered the primer for learning how to tackle the treetops. This course is minimally elevated with 15 elements and is set beneath a canopy of Live Oak and Pine forest. Games include a snake foot bridge, swinging logs, a timber passage and two low speed zip lines. After getting trained up by TreeUmph’s awesome team, I ascended to the first element! It took me a while, but I made it through the entire beginner course no worse for wear.

I felt accomplished, with a sense of freedom and opportunity from that first try, but tired. I took a breather, and then I walked to the Triumph Zipline, a 450-foot ride above the trees – Weeeeeeeeeeee is all I can say about that – and that it’s worth the climb up.

It is so fun to zip line. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

I wanted to go back to the park with my husband, but it wasn’t meant to be. So I drive by at least weekly and keep thinking, I need to go back there. That is something I can do that is fun enough to get me to exercise and good for my mental health, as well as a magical experience being in the trees, looking at the flowers below and admiring all of God’ creation around.

Fast forward to May 11. Florida’s Adventure Coast invites me to get up in the trees again to celebration National Tourism Week in Hernando County. How can I say ‘no’?

This time I made it through 2 courses and the Triumph Zip line! The intermediate course is a notch above (literally, as well) and requires a little more “umph” in your Treeumph! I climbed through hanging barrels, loved crossing a V net bridge, but was almost done in by the Oregon Trail bridge where I went from one hanging “x” of logs to the next! I was really scared and out of breath from that one, but I just stopped on the platform and gathered my wits about me until I was able to achieve all 18 different elements!

Here’s a short video of our adventure:

I have to stop on the climb up to the Triumph Zip, but no-one cares. The park isn’t crowded and everyone is super-supportive of a 50+ woman taking on a challenge. I saw Kathy again. We talked about working toward fitness goals at the park and she shared that many people do that and I made a commitment right there to try.

TreeUmph! of Brooksville took my daily pass amount off of an annual membership and I only needed to pony up $145 for a year of fun. I could have started with a summer pass for $80 (Unlimited visits from June 1 – Aug 31, 2018) but I am thinking big. I am committed to a year of weekly or more visits to the park to lose weight (I would really like to lose at least 30 of those pounds) while increase my strength and confidence.

The view from the trees is magnificent!

Stay tuned for regular reports. At 9 a.m. today, I’m taking my health to the trees.



gatornation1984 says

really enjoyed this piece…it’s nice you’re talking about your recovery….really inspiring. sooo proud of you!

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