Golf Cart Drive In Movie Night

Golf Cart Drive In Movie Night in Old Homosassa

By Kathy Green Posted on April 3, 2019

Over a year ago several local residents approached the board of the Homosassa Civic Club asking if they would sponsor a Golf Cart Drive In Movie Night. A committee was formed (because there’s always got to be a committee) and after much research on the necessary equipment and meeting with people in the know, the FIRST INAUGURAL event has finally been scheduled!

Drum roll please……………

In partnership with the Citrus County Parks and Recreation Department and the Homosassa Civic Club, on April 13, 2019 the very first GOLF CART DRIVE IN MOVIE NIGHT will start at dusk. Popcorn and soda will be provided by Rural King.  And the movie is MARY POPPINS RETURNS!

Golf Cart Drive In Movie Night in Old Homosassa

The movie screen (it’s 30 feet tall!!!) will be set up behind the Homosassa Civic Club, 5330 South Mason Creek Rd, Homosassa.

Golf Cart Drive In Movie Night
That’s Kevin Jenkins on the left and Terry Green on the right–members of the committee. Both are over 6 ft. tall. How about that for a movie screen!!!!!

And in a major fun addition, following up their very successful concert at the Old Homosassa Learning Center’s Halloween Party for the Kids, the famous Chris and Rob will warm up the crowd on the stage with music starting about 7 am. (Maybe earlier, depends on what the audience demands)

Golf Cart Drive In Movie Night in Old Homosassa

Bring your golf cart, if you don’t have one, bring your chairs, blankets, plastic mats or really large car trunk.

Enjoy a FREE fun filled entertaining evening in our very own very cool community!

See you there!



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