Hernando County first in Florida to use Innovative Technique at Landfill

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on November 4, 2016

The Solid Waste & Recycling Department announces that Hernando County has the first landfill facility in the state of Florida to use a new technique to cover garbagesaving money and space. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection granted this first-ever permit modification allowing an alternate cover called Posi-Shell to be used instead of soil between trash layers.

“Once again, the great employees of Hernando County guide us to the forefront of technological advances in another area of governmental operations. Kudos to Scott Harper and the Solid Waste and Recycling team,” Hernando County Administrator Leonard Sossamon said.

Posi-Shell, a spray-on coating similar to stucco, is used in conjunction with Portland cement. When applied, the material creates a thin, durable shell that seals in the garbage.

Some of the environmental and economic benefits of using the new material include:

  • Saves airspace by replacing 12 inches of soil with a quarter inch of Posi-Shell
  • Extends life of existing landfill by two years
  • Increases efficiency of landfill gas collection for power generation
  • Reduces leachate by allowing less rain water into the waste
  • Decreases costs associated with transportation and handling of soil
  • Provides nuisance control by sealing the surface to prevent the escape of dust, odors and litter

“This advancement will become more and more valuable as our population and businesses grow,” Sossamon added.

Hernando County Solid Waste & Recycling’s mission is to provide adequate, fiscally-sound, solid waste management facilities and recycling programs that operate in accordance with all federal rules and regulations, in order to protect the environment from degradation, promote good public health and conserve natural resources.

Please contact Hernando County Solid Waste & Recycling at (352) 754-4112 for more information on this exciting change at our landfill or for a tour of the facilities.



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