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Home Front: The Civil War in Florida

By Richard Riley Posted on June 30, 2022

The Florida Pioneer Museum and Village hosted presentations by Civil War enthusiastic “living historian” actors portraying different aspects of civilian life during the Civil War this past Saturday, June 25.  The performers and lecturers came from communities in the north and central Florida area.

Lectures were provided on Chaplaincy and Medical surgeons in the training and the aftermath of battles.  A field hospital was set up in the Enterprise Methodist Church on the Museum grounds with simulated wounded soldiers, nurses, and medical treatments. 

Other talks were on the resources of cooking and sewing by military companies and their support wives and followers. 

Learning about the Civil War in Florida at the Florida Pioneer Museum and Village June 25

During the training and drilling of a “home guard” of Florida volunteers, the living historians moved between first-person and third-person portrayals, like that of Aric Bruggeworth discussing the impact of Confederate conscription acts during the war but once he stepped outside, he was an officer attempting to sign up new recruits, willingly or otherwise.

Drum and Fife portrayers preformed with examples of sounding for events such as reveille, meals, assembly, as well as coded commands and messages during battles.   

Florida Pioneer Museum and Village offers Many Living History Events

The Florida Pioneer Museum and Village frequently has such weekend events with lectures and/or actively simulated battles throughout the year.  Visit. https://www.pioneerfloridamuseum.org/ for more information and upcoming events.

All images by Richard Riley.



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It is the Pioneer Florida Museum & Village….

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