homosassa inshore fishing report

Homosassa Inshore Fishing Report with Captain Toney

By Captain William Toney Posted on January 17, 2022

This has been one winter where there have been very few negative tides, maybe a few days that made you think about running certain places but all in all good water. Having good incoming tides on the Big Bend makes fishing easier for the most of us.

A few anglers that look forward to extreme winter lows fish from airboats or air-cooled motors, and that can be fun in the deep backcountry. This past week we’ve experienced a cold front tidal push that put some water up and over some sea walls so that can have an effect on where the fish will be. Most of the time I find them right back where they were the first time you caught them before the flood. Only thing that I watch for is floating debris like firewood from the islands and 2 x 6’s from docks.                                                                                             

I’ve been catching redfish in the rivers with live shrimp along with black drum and the occasional keeper mangrove snapper. On the outside edge I’ve had good luck sight casting redfish on the lee side of the keys that are facing the southern sun and block the slight north wind.

When I fish this way, I take my time to scan every inch of bottom because the fish will lighten on the sand or muddy bottom and blend in. Take your time and let the fish make the first move, when you make a cast make the bait land light in the water. It’s easier said than done, but by feathering the line and not “sky bombing” the bait, this can be achieved. 

The nearshore rocks should be primed for sheepshead I would start around 8 feet if the wind allows me to make the run.

The tides will be spread out this weekend so look for very early morning or very late evening incoming. 

Homosassa Weekly Fishing Report from Captain William Toney

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