homosassa inshore fishing report

Homosassa Inshore Fishing Report with Captain Toney

By Captain William Toney Posted on December 7, 2021

With another week of warm weather the fishing should remain good.

For seatrout north of Homosassa in Crystal River, try the Spoil Banks. Jigging along the rocky edges can be a good way to catch fish without waiting for high water. Moving tide is best and it’s possible to anchor down and catch them at one spot.

On low water, fish the deeper channels that run west out of our major creeks. Rock grass is a good indication you’re in the right waters. Depths around 3 to 4-foot are best. A D.O.A. glow jerk bait with a 3/0 Owner bait style hook through the nose will allow you to work the bait through the grass without being hung up. To find these deeper fingers or a “gut”, study Google Earth. It will not give you an exact location but will help you if you are familiar with the area you fish. 

Sea fog can be an issue from now through early spring. Offshore anglers generally have all the modern electronics to navigate in the fog, but inshore anglers can get caught in the “pea soup”. One thing to do to ensure you get home safely, even if it’s just a handheld GPS, is to save a “route” and a good waypoint to get you to that route. Weather can make it perilous but low tide will make it dangerous. Staying close to home and being in tune with the weather will get you home in time for dinner.

Incoming tide will be dark in the morning and dark in the evening this weekend. 

Homosassa Weekly Fishing Report from Captain William Toney

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