homosassa inshore fishing report

Homosassa Inshore Fishing Report with Captain Toney: Scallop Harvest Solutions, Snapper & Grunts

By Captain William Toney Posted on July 25, 2022

Most of us who have been out of the Homosassa area for scallops have found it’s been slim pickings.

I believe that, from the number of boats out over the last few years the scallops have been over harvested. For many years in the 1990’s, bay scalloping was closed, and efforts were made, though the State and UF to re-seed and grow an abundant population of scallops. But when they’re over harvested, and spawning takes place when the water temperature drop (September), and there’s not as many, then that means less scallops for all.

I would hate to see it closed but we can’t kill the goose that’s laying the golden eggs.

I have a few ideas that could help keep that from happening:

  • How about a mini season for 3 days at the first of July, and then close the season until August.
  • Like lobster in the Keys, lower the bag limit to 1 gallon per person until the stocks are back up.
  • Have a measuring device you must have on you in the water with a hole in it. If the scallop can fall through the hole, it’s too small to harvest. It’s takes more scallops by volume to fill a gallon with small scallops than it does the big ones.  

For a primer on Scalloping – our scalloping story – click here.

The nearshore rocks are the best bet for some fast action with mangrove snapper and white grunts. They are getting much bigger and fun on light tackle. Live shrimp is the best bait. Back on the inside, the redfish bite has been O.K. I can’t say good, but with some effort I’ve caught some decent fish in this heat.

Some fish have been underneath cuts in the shade and some have been on points that are receiving the best incoming flow of the tide. Good water flow is like having a breeze on land, so it makes it a little cooler for the fish. Cut pinfish has been the best bait.

Incoming tide will be in the afternoon this weekend

Homosassa Weekly Fishing Report from Captain William Toney

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