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Homosassa Inshore Fishing Report with Captain Toney: Scouting for the Perfect Fishing Spot

By Captain William Toney Posted on August 22, 2022

There’s a different song in the air each morning I get up. It’s red tailed hawks with a high shrill pitch that remind me of my daylight perch in a climbing stand, watching the woods come to life with my bow in hand. I’m always hoping for a buck, but I have never had any regrets about just sitting and enjoying each hunt, whether I pull the string back or not. When I get ready for archery season I do a lot of scouting, looking for game trails, buck rubs or scrapes, and natural food sources. As much as I enjoy hunting, some of these land scouting skills can easily apply to your inshore fishing game.

While out running from rock to rock, I’ll run a different route each time just to look for new structure. I’ve found some good spots by doing this and paying attention.

Something else I do is watch the rock grass patches. Each year some are different than others. One that was good for sea trout last year may not be as good this year.

Water depth is important when finding the right rock grass spot, 4-feet is the best depth I’ve found for good fall trout.

Keeping track of where the porpoise are feeding will lead you to the mullet that will lead you to the school of redfish.

Rain minnows around a inshore rock will be the bait that keeps Spanish mackerel close so you can catch them. 

Not much new has happen fishing wise since last week. Red fishing is still the best inshore bite and mangrove snapper are dominating the inshore rocks. I have caught some trout but not enough to get to excited yet, I’m waiting for some cooler water to catch them on my new rock grass spot I found by doing a little scouting.

High incoming tide will be in the afternoon this weekend. 

Homosassa Weekly Fishing Report from Captain William Toney

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