Homosassa River Restoration Project

Homosassa River Restoration Project

By Kathy Green Posted on October 18, 2017

Homosassa River Restoration Project

I have always considered myself very fortunate to be able to live here in Homosassa.  I started visiting the area when I first moved to Florida in 1982.  Love it.

But I think I might have been taking it for granted.  Our river is dying.  Along with most of the rivers and springs in the state.  If all of us naturecoasters want to continue enjoying our water-based lifestyle, we now need to work together to reverse that trend!

In November 2016, the Homosassa River Restoration Project (HRRP), an all-volunteer 501 c3 non-profit organization,  was created for this reason.  HRRP is a public/private partnership that will be cleaning up the Homosassa River and its canals.

Homosassa River Restoration Project
Cyndi Minguy, Steve Minguy, president, Frank Kapocsi, board member, and Pat Kapocsi volunteering at a local event.

I wrote about Old Homosassa Goes to Tallahassee back in April on NatureCoaster.com.  Both groups, “Access to the River” and HRRP had bills passed and money in the state budget.  Unfortunately, the governor vetoed the money for HRRP.

Steve Minguy, president of the Homosassa River Restoration Project, is not giving up.  Both Senator Simpson and Represenative Massullo have been very supportive of the project and continue to guide the groups to get state funding but HRRP is not putting the project on hold. They are not waiting for next year to ask for money from the state.  They are moving forward.

Steve sent the following email out to concerned citizens and businesses:

We need your help! Despite the Governors veto last June we never stopped trying and are actually ready to begin the studies and surveys needed to permit the first 25 acres of river and canals. In-water activity must be complete before manatee season so time is critical. This would give us a shovel ready project to present before this years Legislature and instead of just asking for permitting money we will actually  be requesting cleanup funds. We could have divers in the water by spring!! The area for this first phase would include the river and canals east of Fishbowl Drive and proceeding west on the river (downstream) to just past the west (second) Blue Water Canal and would include all of the Blue Water Canal.

We must raise a minimum of $15,000 to accomplish this step and obtain our permits. A lot of money but not impossible by any means. It is imperative that we show our communities commitment to helping restore our river. 
Please help us by sending what you can. Remember that we are a completely volunteer 501c3 organization and 100% of all donations will be applied to the restoration effort.
Here is the link to our website where you will find a PayPal Donate Button which also accepts credit cards.
or checks can be mailed to Homosassa River Restoration Project Inc, PO Box 591, Homosassa Springs Fl 34447. 
Here is your chance to help this river by helping us.
Thank you,
Steve Minguy President HRRP
The $15,000 hasn’t been raised yet but the contract has been signed and there are divers in the water ready to do the necessary work to get the permits!
Homosassa River Restoration Project
Divers ready to survey the Homosassa River and canals
I know Steve and Cyndi and they are there whenever the Homosassa Civic Club (HCC) needs help.  Steve did a lot of the heavy lifting preparing the HCC buildings before Hurricane Irma hit us.  Plus he helped out with a lot of the updates to the Old Homosassa Learning Center.  Cyndi does the website for HRRP and volunteers at the Learning Center.
This is a worthwhile cause and any donation can make a difference.  My husband Terry and I have made a donation because we believe in not only this project but the people that are making it a reality.  100% of all donations will be used to help restore the Homosassa River.
Homosassa River Restoration Project
HRRP logo created by Homosassa artist Gil Watson

The mission of HRRP  is to restore and protect the Homosassa River. Let’s do it!



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Contact SWFWMD. They have grants for water cleanups. I will find the info for you.

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