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By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on January 9, 2018

Learn to build fire the primitive way. Listen to traditional native music. Watch ancient traditional Aztec dances. Visit a real teepee. Shop for authentic handmade Native arts and crafts and much more! Come for the day or camp out for the weekend. RV and tent camping available.

The Fifth Annual Brooksville Native American Festival is on the horizon, taking place at beautiful Florida Classic Park on February 3 and 4, 2018.

The family-friendly event will feature a full roster of non-stop entertainment acts both Saturday and Sunday that include music, dance, primitive skills demonstrations and more!

“The Brooksville Native American Festival has been awarded a Top Twenty Events Winner by the Southeast Tourism Society! Our mission is to provide hands-on education and entertainment for all ages, as well as authentic programs and vendors to keep our visitors engaged. We want the entire family to be caught up in Native culture from start to finish,” explains Mary Kirkonnell, one of the festivals creators.

Paul Deluna, co-creator and owner of Deluca Arts, added, “There is nothing like this festival here. People seem interested any time we tell them what we do. They said they wanted something like this, so we decided to step up and put it on. With four years of successful festivals, it shows that locals and visitors enjoy this type of event here.”

This festival features a combination of dancing and music, artists and craftsmen from around the country, and the people who make Native foods like fry bread and buffalo burgers, making it truly unique. People have attended from as far away as Puerto Rico.

“Bringing awareness of true Native culture really is what this is all about. People have so many ideas about what the culture is. The Navajo people have pride in their arts and crafts. It provides a purpose for our festival. It is my hope that people will develop such an interest that they will start helping their own people out,” Mary explains passionately.

The Red Boyz Dancers and Drummers, a multi-tribal group who will offer educational performances in many different traditional dance styles. This youthful group are keeping the old traditions alive by sharing their performance all over the country.

Nahui Olin Aztec Dancers return to the festival for 2018, again performing their amazing fire dance.

Nahui Ollin Aztec Dancers is a Specialty Dance Troupe that performs the indigenous and ancient ceremonial dances of Mexico. These exciting dances share the history, culture and ceremonies of the Aztec people. Their high energy performance will include a fire dance.

Shelley Morningsong (Cheyenne) will be will be the featured singer. She performs with her husband, Fabian Fontenelle (Zuni/Omaha), who adds a breathtakingly beautiful element to their performance with his traditional northern plains style dancing, storytelling and drumming. Fabian is an original member of the American Indian Dance Theater.

Here is a video of the magical duo performing

This dynamic couple perform all over the world and will be sure to delight the crowd!

 “Our favorite part of the festival is seeing people so engaged at the event – people  throughout the year share how much they loved the festival and are looking forward to the next year. It has changed our perspective to be one of giving to the community. People tell me they are constantly learning something new, which brings out the value of the educational focus,” Mary and Paul shared.


This event has been well-received by the public and the Native community. Mary and Paul field calls from Native arts and crafts people throughout the U.S. who want to be a part of the Brooksville Native American Festival.

More than 35 vendors will offer hand-made Native American and Native American-inspired arts and crafts.

To keep things fresh, the duo change this festival every year. “From my perspective, it can be boring to go the same event with the same displays year after year. There are over 500 nations with that many languages, so there is no reason not to provide new and exciting programs every time. Just imagine how many cultures can be represented,” Mary shared.

Now you are invited. All of this is included in the admission price of only $8/adults and $4/kids. Under age 5 is free. “Once you’re inside, everything but the food and drink is included,” Paul explained.

For 2018, two-day passes are available for $14 adults and $6 children.

RV and tent camping are available on-site at the Florida Classic Park, 5360 Lockhart Rd. Brooksville FL 34602. Primitive camping is $10/night and RV sites are $25-30/night. Both require weekend passes. Public restrooms are part of the 52-acre park.

Please call 352-238-7308 or visit for more information.



Rita King says

What time are the opening ceremonies and Grand Entry for Sat. & Sun? I live in NPR & plan to come dressed in my regalia if the opening ceremonies are not a closed event. Appreciate knowing this info in advance if available as I don’t want to be disrespectful in any way.
Thank you!
Rita King from Moon Lake area

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