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Justin Noe Uses Experience Moving Around the Country to Help Others

By Diane Bedard Posted on August 24, 2023

“I grew up in Brooksville. After graduating from Hernando High School, I joined the military,” Justin Noe
tells me. We originally met at Innovation Collective’s Coffee and Concepts event over a year ago. This is
a place where entrepreneurs come to flush out ideas and discuss how new technology may help them
grow their ideas. Justin’s brother, Seth, was there too. Justin and Seth are partnered in a business that
revitalizes homes that have become run down, turning them into beautiful rental properties.

As an active real estate agent at Heart of Florida Realty in the Nature Coast area, a real estate investor, co-founder of Twin Pillars Investments, Brooksville Investment Group, and The Real Estate Co-Op, Justin is more than knee-deep in the real estate business. He grew up in Brooksville, joining the Marine Corps at the age of eighteen.

Justin’s journey moved him and his family across the country four times, to six different states, and fourteen different homes before returning to his hometown.

Today, Justin and his wife, Lina, run their family business with God at the helm. Their goal is to grow their real estate team to #1 on the Nature Coast and in the State of Florida. From humble beginnings outside a base in Maryland to partnerships and commercial space, Justin Noe Real Estate is excited to be part of a growing community that eschews good values.

Justin retired from 20 years in the military after I met him, moving into real estate full-time. Lina handles all the marketing, social media, and some real estate sales duties for their businesses.

Lina is a soft-spoken woman from Sweden. They have four beautiful daughters, Callie (16), Ella (14), Annabelle (11), and Gracie (6). Each of the girls has Lina’s beautiful blond hair and their parents’ strong work ethic – and each was born in a different state!

justin and seth noe
The day I met Justin at Innovation Collective’s Coffee and Concepts gathering in 2022. Image courtesy of Justin Noe.

Justin and Lina met in 2005 while he was on active duty in California. Lina was working as an au pair for a Swedish family and a mutual friend introduced them. The two found out that they were born within a day of each other and fell in love.

How the Noes Got into Real Estate

In 2010, Lina bought Justin the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a 1997 book that teaches the importance of building wealth through assets, real estate investing, starting, and owning businesses, as well as increasing one’s financial IQ. It changed his mindset and in 2011 they began their real estate business by investing in their first home, a rental, while stationed in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

The Noe family visited Sweden this year and spent time with Lina’s family. Here they are in Stockholm. Image courtesy of Lina Noe.

The Noes moved around the country, buying another home in North Carolina and fixing it up. “It wasn’t in the best neighborhood, but it was near the base. We lived in it for a year and got robbed!” Justin shares. “With our family, we couldn’t stay there. So, I found us a beautiful neighborhood and we got another home there. It was going to be our forever home.”

Another Transfer – Another Home

“I had one more year in the military when I got a call from my boss,” Justin continues. “He said he needed me to go to Colorado. I told him how much we liked it here and how much Lina loved the neighborhood. He replied that I was really going to like Colorado, so… we went. And we got closer as a family.”

Colorado turned out well. Justin and Lina brought the girls to Brooksville in April of 2019 to spend their Spring Break with family and went looking for investment properties. The girls got to see where Dad grew up and the parents found a house for $60,000! When they called the realtor, it had been sold, but she sent them listings.

Fourteen Houses in Fifteen Years

“We learned a lot about buying and selling real estate as we traveled and invested. I wanted to share what I’ve learned with others, so I chose this profession,” Justin explains.

The Noe’s office on Main Street in Brooksville. Image by Diane Bedard.

Several months ago, he shared his story at an Innovation Collective event. At that time, he and Lina were doing the 75 Hard Challenge, which is described as a transformative mental toughness program that includes 45 minutes of exercise twice daily – one outside – drinking lots of water, sticking to an eating plan of your choice, and reading at least ten pages of self-help materials daily for 75 days.

As you might imagine, traveling and buying, selling, and renting houses gave Justin and Lina a lot of useful knowledge in the process of buying, selling, and investing in real estate.

“I want to share what we’ve learned with our clients and help them understand the process to make it easier for them,” Justin shares. “For example, we didn’t buy in Southern California when we were stationed there because the market was pricey, and I was afraid that the return on investment wouldn’t be enough. That was a lost opportunity.”

The Noe family
The Noe family on one of the brick-lined streets of Brooksville. Left to right, Lina, Gracie, Ella, Justin, Annabelle, and Callie. Image courtesy of Lina Noe.

Investing in Real Estate and Family

The Noes have an Airbnb in downtown Brooksville, near the May Stringer Museum. They have eighteen rentals throughout the country, and they use their knowledge to help people navigate the many options for growth in the real estate market.

“Our business is in real estate, but it capitalizes on hard work. We teach our girls to manage their money in the same way we do,” Justin explains, “Give. Save. Spend. It has served all of us well.”

Callie Noe, their oldest daughter, has begun helping with tracking business expenses. She is interested in the family business and accounting, so it is a great fit.

This tight-knit family has traveled the world together, and they work hard to be the best they can.

Recently, Justin helped a lady sell her home after she contacted him through Facebook. “They owned a sign-making business and we got to help her use her equipment to make some signs, bringing back some joy to her life. These are the things that make it all worthwhile,” Justin shares. “We work hard six days a week and rest on Sunday, attending church as a family.”

land for sale
Justin Noe Real Estate offers help with land, homes, commercial, and rental real estate. Contact him for an appointment to discuss your goals and see if he can help. Image by Lina Noe.

Get in Touch with Justin Noe Real Estate for Help Navigating Each Step of the Process

Justin and Lina have leased a small commercial home next to the Brooksville Women’s Club on Main Street to house the businesses, investing in the area they love.

“Florida’s Nature Coast Area is a dynamic market with so many great and different things to offer! Whatever your dream home is or that investment property you are looking for (long-term, short-term, or a flip) there is something for you here,” Justin says.

If you are thinking of selling your home and relocating within the area, coming from out of state, buying your first home, or are looking to add a profitable property to your rental portfolio, he is excited to help you narrow down areas and places that best fit your lifestyle and needs.

Justin Noe Real Estate has all types of real estate assets for sale, but the best thing you will get is a commitment to the process and service. Image from Justin Noe Real Estate Facebook page.

Maybe you are dreaming of a house on the beach, a river house on one of the natural spring waterways, land with acreage for a farm, vacant land to one day build on, a great community with sidewalks, a community pool, and a golf course, a vacation home, or maybe a historic downtown fixer-upper where you can walk to shops, restaurant, and yoga – it can be found here!

Justin Noe works hard, helping investors, sellers, and buyers find real estate solutions that meet their unique needs. His website is full of great information, and he is available for personal meetings at your convenience, just call him at 352-585-5673 or email justin@justinnoerealestate.com



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