Largest Man-Made Groundwater Recharge Wetland in the World

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on August 6, 2017

A SWFTWMD District-funded project to construct the largest man-made groundwater recharge wetland in the world will benefit the aquifer in Pasco County.

The Central Pasco Beneficial Water Reuse Project will provide a daily average of 5 million gallons of Pasco County’s highly-treated reclaimed water back to the aquifer through the natural percolation process. The project is a partnership between the District and the County, which shared about $14 million in funding, and the owners of 4G Ranch, who provided the land.

The wetland is made up of 15 different areas called cells that are spread across 176 acres, located at the 4G Ranch, in Land O’ Lakes. The reconstructed wetland is the first of its kind in the region.

The District’s Senior Professional Engineer, Mike Hancock says he considers it a showcase project.

“We really would like to see additional facilities like this built throughout the north Tampa Bay area to add even more recharge where it’s needed,” Hancock said.

Similar public/private partnerships are expected to have a significant impact on future water recovery efforts in the region.

This water reuse project was named “Project of the Year” by the Florida Water Environment Association and the Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals. It was also recognized by the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council and is nominated for national and international awards.



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