Local Girl Scout Troop Pins Sewing Badge for the Alzheimer’s Family Organization

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on June 5, 2018

Brooksville Ridge Girl Scout Troop 24302 successfully earned their sewing badge by creating Fidget Mats for the Alzheimer’s Family Organization. On March 29th, the troop visited the Alzheimer’s Family Organization and met with Kathleen Winters, Executive Director. Here is where the scouts learned about Alzheimer’s Disease and how Fidget Mats may sooth the agitated fidgeting of people with Dementia. After showing them several examples, the troop was ready to get working!

The West Hernando Branch of the Hernando County Library system donated the space and provided a free introductory sewing lesson for the project. Linda Gennaccaro was kind enough to provide the needed supplies to complete the project.

The troop worked for 3 ½ hours, and with the aid of an additional 5 hours from Linda, they were able to complete 10 fidget mats.

The troop proudly presented and donated the Fidget Mats to the Alzheimer’s Family Organization on May 17th.

To learn amore about the Alzheimer’s Family Organization, visit www.alzheimersfamily.org or call 352-616-0170.

Image above: Troop Leaders Sarah Shelby and Angela Brook, and Scouts, Alexa Brook, Isabel Shelby, Madeline Grob, Hannah Opyoke,  and Ami Rodriguez proudly presenting their Fidget Mats to the AFO!

Just a few of the mats the troop presented to the AFO, they are a great tool to help keep restless dementia fingers busy.



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