Loquat Festival receives Generous Donation from Cotee River Brewing

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on June 15, 2021

Ecology Florida and New Port Richey FarmNet received a generous contribution from Cotee River Brewing Company in affirmation and support of the Florida Loquat Festival. The Florida Loquat Festival is the only loquat festival in America and New Port Richey’s premier local-fruit festival. 

As part of the annual Loquat Festival, Bryan Hackman brews up a special Loquat Beer, using fresh loquats from the seasonal harvest.  Volunteers harvest the fruit for Bryan and the festival promotes the brewery. Bryan Hackman owns Cotee River Brewing Company in downtown New Port Richey.

At the end of the Loquat Festival (and when the beer runs out), Bryan shares a portion of the income from the beer sales with Ecology Florida and New Port Richey FarmNet.  This relationship is an excellent example of a healthy locally-based economic ecology. It also showcases the creative (and fun) synergy that is at the heart of the agrarian community model.

New Port Richey’s Ecology Florida and FarmNet receive Generous Donation from Cotee River Brewing Company for its Loquat Beer proceeds

Even though the event was cancelled in 2020, volunteers from the Loquat Festival delivered enough loquats for the bar to sell 921 pints to customers.  This year, in conjunction with the festival, 569 pints were sold on the day of the festival. 

This was the brewery’s best day for sales since the pandemic began.  In celebration, Cotee River shared a portion of its income with Ecology Florida.

Image by Jacob Freid:  Kelly Hackman (White Heron Tea and Gifts), Marilynn deChant (deChant Communications), Dell deChant (Florida Loquat Festival) and Bryan Hackman (Cotee River Brewing Company).

For more information about New Port Richey FarmNet and the Florida Loquat Festival, please send your inquiry to the FarmNet Facebook page or the Florida Loquat Facebook page. Cotee River Brewing Company is located at 5760 Main Street.

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