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Old Homosassa in July

By Kathy Green Posted on July 18, 2017

Okay, let’s talk about Old Homosassa in July….and August…..and even September.

It’s scallop season!  Such a fun time in Old Homosassa for all those that get out into the Gulf and scoop those future delicious morsels out of the sea grass.


Also a boon for our local businesses which is a very good thing for Old Homosassa because they are owned by our friends and neighbors who in turn employ people from our community.  No chain restaurants or stores in Old Homosassa!

On a typical Saturday morning during scallop season, the traffic is backed up to the Homosassa Elementary School .

But everything isn’t sunshine and roses for the local residents.

Several years ago Citrus County started having employees from the Parks and Recreation department direct traffic at the county boat ramp in Old Homosassa on the weekends.  This alleviated a lot of the congestion and some of the arguing at the boat ramp as visitors attempted to put their boats into the river or pull them out.

But there were still too many trucks and trailers to park in the county parking lot.  A few businesses and several home owners with large yards allow trucks and trailers to park for a fee.

But still, not enough parking on any Saturday during scallop season.

street parking

Parking on a sidewalk.
Note, the “No Parking Here to Corner Sign”!  (The corner is at the stop sign. )
Parking on the right of way–blocking two-way traffic.  Also a safety issue.  Would a fire truck be able to maneuver around these obstacles and deal with oncoming traffic during an emergency?
fire hydrant
And even if the fire truck could get through, this fire hydrant is blocked–along with the gate into the elementary school!

The board of directors of the Homosassa Civic Club decided that it was time to come up with a solution for this ongoing problem. After talking with owners of some of the local businesses and a meeting with Sheriff Prendergast, the board decided that part of the civic club property could be used for parking.


And doesn’t this look better?

Our first youth group benefiting from helping out with the parking is the “Unstoppable Student Ministries” from the First Baptist Church of Homosassa.  This Saturday will be their third week–they are raising funds to go to camp next year!

Streets clear, local youth groups earning money for their causes, and the scallopers won’t be getting tickets!




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