Openings on Pasco’s Jobs and Economic Opportunities Committee

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on May 12, 2022

Private Industry professionals needed

Openings on Pasco’s Jobs and Economic Opportunities Committee

The Jobs and Economic Opportunities Committee (JEOC) is looking for new volunteer members to participate in the committee that oversees the use of the Jobs and Economic Opportunities Trust Fund (JEOTF) portion of Penny for Pasco.

Responsibilities of JEOC members include ensuring Penny for Pasco spending meets the requirements to promote projects creating new jobs and economic growth.  The Committee consists of nine members, appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC), representing diverse knowledge and expertise from each of the following areas: finance/banking, agriculture, real estate, manufacturing and other private industries.

Applications are being accepted online through June 9, 2022, at:

The Committee meets, at minimum, on a quarterly basis and presents annual updates to the BCC.  Selected members will serve a one or two-year term, depending upon industry.

Pasco County voters first passed the Penny for Pasco local government infrastructure surtax in 2004 to pay for county, city and School District improvements.  The JEOTF portion, adopted in 2015, is estimated to generate over $60 million in revenue to be used for target industry job creation and economic development projects designed to improve the local economy.

For more information about the Jobs and Economic Opportunities Committee, including members and meeting information, please visit: JEOC Information & Members.



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