Spay/Neuter Program Returns to Pasco Animal Services

Pasco Animal Services’ Volunteer Program Recognized

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on June 7, 2023

Agency recertified as Service Enterprise by leading volunteer organization

Pasco Animal Services’ Volunteer Program Recognized Nationally

Have you ever considered volunteering in our animal shelter?  Here’s a great reason why it could be a perfect fit.  Pasco County Animal Services’ (PCAS) volunteer program is newly recertified as a Service Enterprise through the Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE).

PCAS was first certified as a Service Enterprise in 2020; the recertification is good through 2026.

Factors for recertification include:

  • Training and integrating volunteers
  • Expanding opportunities
  • Soliciting feedback

“It’s crucial to integrate volunteers into our fabric of success,” said PCAS Volunteer and Foster Care Coordinator Sarah Sukhram.  “This recertification serves as recognition of our volunteer team’s dedication, skills and investment in our organization’s progress.”

PCAS joins seven other Service Enterprise organizations in Florida, including five in the animal welfare field.  The department received a total score of 95 out of 100!

The AL!VE reviewer who approved PCAS’ recertification marked the application as “exceptional,” highlighting the department’s high level of planning and use of needs assessments to create new volunteer roles.  The reviewer also noted that Sukhram serves on the agency’s leadership team and mentors other Pasco departments and organizations throughout the country on volunteer engagement.



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