Pasco County Spruced Up, Safer Due to Building Demolitions

Pasco County Spruced Up, Safer Due to Building Demolitions

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on February 12, 2023

~~Owner demolitions and repairs save more than $470K in 2022~~

Pasco County Spruced Up, Safer Due to Building Demolitions

Pasco County is safer and cleaner thanks to our Development Services demolition program.  Pasco’s High Return Enforcement (HRE) and Code Compliance teams, working closely with property owners, were able to rid the county of 100 dangerous slum structures in 2022.  Tearing down old, hazardous buildings helps keep the county clean and more enjoyable for everyone!

Most property owners paid for demolitions on their land, saving Pasco County taxpayers more than $470,000.  When those taxpayer dollars aren’t used for demolitions, cleanups and administrative fees, Pasco County can use that money to tear down more dangerous buildings or send it back into the county’s General Fund – benefiting taxpayers once again.

“Buildings slated for demolition are often havens for illegal activity,” said Board of County Commissioners Chair Jack Mariano.  “Clearing these lots of trash and debris makes our communities much safer, and vastly improves the overall appearance of our neighborhoods.”

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Property owners repaired 13 structures
  • Property owners demolished 74 structures
  • Pasco County contractors completed 26 demolitions

“Our demolition program is vital to Pasco County,” said Assistant County Administrator Sally Sherman.  “Community safety is our top priority, and this program identifies and removes blighted, unsafe structures that pose a hazard to the life, health and safety of everyone in Pasco.”

Pasco’s HRE Team is specially trained to handle complex compliance issues and makes every effort to work directly with property owners for a positive outcome, instead of relying solely on citations or liens.

To determine if a property in your neighborhood meets demolition criteria, call Pasco County Customer Service at 727-847-2411.



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