Pasco County Utilities Welcomes New Customers with Acquisition

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on May 4, 2022

Nearly 3,200 customers to become part of Pasco County Utilities

Pasco County Utilities Welcomes New Customers with Acquisition

The much-anticipated acquisition of the Florida Government Utility Authority’s Lindrick System by Pasco County Utilities is set for July 1, 2022, welcoming nearly 3,200 West Pasco utility customers in the Gulf Harbors and Shamrock Heights communities.

Pasco County Utilities is committed to a seamless transition and will provide any support necessary to help customers familiarize themselves with the new rate structure.

“Our main commitment for our new Lindrick customers is to offer the same exceptional and individualized support our current customers receive,” said Pasco County Utilities Customer Services and Information Director Sandra Anderson. “Our goal is to ensure a positive and informative customer experience for everyone.”

Customers joining Pasco County Utilities through this transition may see a billing decrease with their new Pasco County Utility rates, fees, and charges. Lindrick customers can follow transition updates and view their new rates online at

Pasco County Utilities has a long-standing mission to provide high-quality water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and solid waste services. Visit for more information about services provided by Pasco County Utilities.



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