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Profound Revelations Studios: Enchanted Musical Haven where Imagination Meets Reality

By Russell S. Thompson Posted on July 5, 2023

Occasionally, a person stumbles upon a rare, enchanted place that seems to exist somewhere in-between worlds, evoking a sense of mystique and wonder. These extraordinary locations captivate our imaginations—whether it’s the magical wardrobe leading to Narnia or the whimsical rabbit hole that transports Alice to Wonderland…

There is such a place that breaks free from the realm of fantasy and stands as a tangible reality: Profound Revelations Studios, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Brooksville that has been enchanting visitors since its opening in October 2021. Stepping into this extraordinary space, many have experienced a profound sense of time and space transcending, as if traversing into an alternate dimension.

Upon entering the studio, one is immersed in a sprawling and spacious environment, the centerpiece being the awe-inspiring “Live Room” spanning nearly 1,000 square feet.

This open space is adorned with a very eclectic collection of furniture, art, and collectibles that seamlessly blend, empowering an ambiance that ignites creative energy like no other! In this unconventional setting Profound Revelations Studios dares to break the mold, capturing every recording in a live format. This approach infuses a mesmerizing live concert feel into the final product, while weaving in the studio magic that creates an impeccable sound experience.

Profound Revelations Studios stands as a testament to the power of creativity, bridging the gap between imagination and reality. Step through its doors, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and where the hidden melodies of each soul come to life.

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Thursday Night Songwriter’s Workshop

One of the most intriguing events held at Profound Revelations Studios is the weekly Thursday Night Songwriters Workshop. To the uninitiated, it may appear as a whirlwind of barely contained chaos, but within this spirited gathering lies the birthplace of extraordinary musical creations.

Led and moderated by the talented Patria Dye, this collaborative workshop brings together aspiring songwriters, singers, and musicians, pooling their creative forces to transform thoughts and ideas into something entirely fresh and innovative.

patria dye, singer songwriter

As part of this week’s workshop, an intriguing exercise involves crafting a song centered around Lisa (top of page image), a lifelike mannequin that resides within the studio—an embodiment of inspiration that sparks boundless creativity.

“Live in the Living Room” Concerts

Adding to the studio’s portfolio of activities is “Live in the Living Room,” a monthly ticketed event. Showcasing original music performed by emerging artists, many of whom are local indie talents, this unique event draws its inspiration from the studio’s lounge area.

Here, an intimate and comfortable seating arrangement, soft lighting, and charming decor create an atmosphere reminiscent of a cozy living room. Yet, this living room possesses an ethereal twist, with delicate fairy lights casting a warm glow and a mesmerizing disco ball above, spinning patterns across the space. It’s an experience that seamlessly merges the comfort of home with the allure of a captivating performance venue. Tickets are very inexpensive, often only $20.

Tom and Patria Dye provide Full Recording Services

Patria and Tom Dye

At the helm of Profound Revelations Studios is the husband-and-wife team of Patria Dye, Owner and Creative Director, and Tom Dye, Recording and Tracking Engineer.

Patria has an extensive background in both studio and live stage performances, lending her expertise to each aspiring artist who crosses her path. She also offers one-on-one vocal lessons, sharing her knowledge and nurturing talent in a personalized setting. 

“Profound Revelations Studios has been privileged to host a multitude of exceptional artists,” Tom proudly exclaimed. “Not long ago, we had the pleasure of having the presence of the talented Gregory “Motown” Johnson, whose impressive portfolio includes collaborations with Alicia Keys, Bob Dylan, Smokey Robinson, and many more revered musicians.”

tom dye mixing in the studio

Patria shared her own journey of imparting knowledge and inspiration within the music industry. She had the honor of teaching her gifted cousin, Taura Stinson, an Academy/Golden Globe Award Nominated songwriter, producer, musician, composer, and author.

Taura Stinson’s immense talent has been showcased through her collaborations with esteemed artists such as Destiny’s Child, Kelis, and Jennifer Hudson. In addition, her songwriting prowess has extended to the realms of cinema, with contributions to captivating film soundtracks including Step, Mudbound, and Black Nativity. Notably, she has also lent her talents to television programs such as Twin Peaks.

How Profound Revelation Studios Became a Part of Brooksville

Tom’s love for Brooksville was evident as he expressed his fondness for the community. “I love Brooksville,” he remarked with a warm smile. “It’s a safe haven where people are, for the most part, genuinely friendly. I’m constantly astounded by the abundance of real talent that exists here—truly amazing and gifted individuals.”

Curiosity compelled me to inquire about the origins of the studio, turning to Tom for insight. Contemplating for a moment, he shared the story behind their remarkable venture. “It was a combination of events,” he began. “There was a personal story from Patria that resonated deeply. The timing seemed serendipitous, and when we stumbled upon incredible gear at a reasonable cost, everything fell into place. After asking around town about a studio or rehearsal space, we realized that it was up to us.”

Motivated by their passion for music, a fortuitous series of events, and a shared determination to provide a nurturing space for artists, Tom and Patria embarked on their journey.

Their unwavering dedication and belief in the power of creativity led to the establishment of Profound Revelations Studios—an oasis where dreams find expression and musical visions come to life.


Another Profound Revelations Studios Specialty is Podcasting

Patria helps burgeoning podcasters get comfortable behind their professional microphone in the podcasting and spoken word studio room. She hosts her own podcast for Profound Revelation Studios, interviewing local musicians and those who are tied to the music business with a joyful spirit. “Podcasting is an easy way to get your message across,” she shares.

As the studio continues to flourish, it remains a testament to the unwavering spirit of musicians, the collaborative nature of the community, and the transformative power of art. Profound Revelations Studios stands as a testament to the magic that can be achieved when talent, passion, and dedication intertwine within a supportive creative environment.

eclectic collection of collectables

Check out Profound Revolution Studios for Yourself

For those intrigued by the magic of Profound Revelations Studios, the journey begins at their website, Situated at 316 W Jefferson St., Brooksville, FL 34601, this extraordinary space awaits your visit.

Just reach out to Tom or Patria by calling 352-740-0091 or via email at for a personal tour or to schedule studio time. Or just show up on Thursday night to get in the groove.



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