Residents invited to participate in an online survey

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on December 20, 2020

Citrus County is inviting residents to participate in an online survey that will help guide a countywide study to find the most cost-effective options to improve freshwater quality.

Residents invited to participate in an online survey help guide a study to improve freshwater quality

The Citrus County Wastewater Treatment Feasibility Analysis will identify opportunities to protect our shared groundwater sources and improve water quality in the Crystal River/Kings Bay and Chassahowitzka-Homosassa springs. Identified by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as Primary Focus Areas within Citrus County, these springs have been impacted by increased nitrogen and require additional protections to ensure their conservation and restoration. Wastewater treatment options in these areas may include the installation of sewer services to areas where it is reasonable to do so.

The study will determine which pollution reduction or “remediation” methods are most effective for each Primary Focus Area in Citrus County. Plans will then be developed to accommodate additional sewerage for properties that are not currently connected to the system and to reduce nitrogen discharge from septic systems by upgrading those systems or connecting property to the sewage system.

Before those plans are developed, Citrus County residents can weigh-in on wastewater related issues by taking this online survey. 

The Citrus County Wastewater Treatment Feasibility Analysis will benefit the community by

•             Restoring and protecting the County’s natural environment

•             Maintaining the health of groundwater sources

•             Expanding the availability of sewer services throughout the county

•             Improving recreational experiences at and around our springs, including fishing, boating and kayaking

•             Enhancing the economic vitality of the community through tourism and smart development

If you would like to learn more about this project, additional information is available on the project website at, or by email at:



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