Results announced for Citrus County Virtual Wellness Challenge

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on October 21, 2020

The results of the Citrus County Virtual Wellness Challenge, which ran from September 13 through October 10, have been announced with individuals and teams from Homosassa, Inverness, and Hernando taking the top awards.

Results announced for Citrus County Virtual Wellness Challenge

The Inverness Women’s Club became the Top Performance Team with its 17 members earning an average of 204.74 points each.  The first runner-up for the Top Performance Team is the ten-person Sass with Class Cloggers with its members earning an average of 152.80 points each.  The second runner-up is the 16-person Susan Straley’s Wellness Trippers with its members earning an average of 136.68 points each.

The Individual Champion is Sass with Class Cloggers Team Captain Twig Wilson, of Homosassa, who compiled a score of 287 points.  The first runner-up among individual competitors is Paul Perregaux, a member of Team Grand Living, with a score of 280 points.  The second runner-up is Inverness Women’s Club member Barbara Cooper with a score of 275 points, followed by third runner-up Janet Siegle with a score of 270 points.

The Mary Blair Darling Award for the largest team went to Team Grand Living, Hernando, whose Captain Judy Spencer assembled a team of 162 members!  Spencer and Grand Living also won the Mary Blair Darling Award last year at the Third Annual Citrus Walk Aware for Alzheimer’s.

The Citrus County Virtual Wellness Challenge was created earlier this year when it became clear that COVID-19 and social distancing would eliminate the possibility of a public Alzheimer’s Walk.  The Challenge was designed to offer its participants ten different categories of daily activity to help maintain their physical fitness and emotional wellness during COVID. 

A total of 13 teams and 299 citizens of Citrus County entered the event. 
About the Challenge, Linda Chuckman, captain of the top-performing Inverness Women’s Club team said, “Thanks for the Challenge.  It really created an overall awareness of ways to take care of ourselves.  Everyone spoke positively of how it helped us keep our focus.  And we were glad we could support a worthy cause.”

The Citrus County Virtual Wellness Challenge was organized by Coping with Dementia LLC and Mr. Bill Fitness LLC to benefit the nonprofit Dementia Education, Inc.  



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