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Submit Questions for Episode 10 of Elizabeth Robins Diary Podcast

By Diane Bedard Posted on July 5, 2023

The Elizabeth Robins Diary Podcast explores the people and events of the 1870s-1950s through the lens of writer and actress Elizabeth Robins. Elizabeth purchased the Chinsegut Hill Manor estate (Brooksville) in the early 1900s.

Jujitsu-trained suffragist Elizabeth Robins began her literary career when she began documenting her life in her diary in 1876 at age 14. Her diaries extend until her death in 1952, so cover the Gilded Age through the post-WWII era. Her diary is filled with her famous friends, including such names as Henry James, Christabel Pankhurst, Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde, William Stead, and Marion Lea.

Season One of the ERDiary Podcast is almost over. If you haven’t started listening, you can still catch this podcast from the first episode to today by clicking here.

Natalie White Kahler is the oldest of ten children, so she started organizing people at an early age. She received a B.A. from Grove City College in English and Communications where she also honed her leadership skills and developed a lifelong passion for research. Her career has included teaching, pastoring, managing, and curating Chinsegut Hill Retreat & Museum, and service to the City of Brooksville as a Council Member and Mayor. She is currently the Executive Director of Brooksville Main Street.

Natalie has studied Elizabeth Robins’ diaries extensively traveling throughout the eastern U.S. to find and piece together this fascinating history.

In episode 10, Natalie will interview three important Brooksvillians (we’ll reveal their identities next week) to discuss Season One as well as answer your questions. What questions did the podcast raise for you about Chinsegut and/or Brooksville? What do you want to know more about? Submit your questions by FRIDAY, JULY 7 @ 2 PM: CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A QUESTION

Still need to listen? You can find the first 8 episodes free here

P.S. Episode 9, featuring Brooksville Mayor Blake Bell and his uncle, Bruce Snow, is to be released this Friday, July 7!



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