Take a Virtual Tour of Brooksville with the City’s New Video Program

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on March 31, 2023

The City of Brooksville and CGI Digital are proud to announce the launch of Brooksville’s new Community Showcase Video Program featured on www.cityofbrooksville.us.

Take a Virtual Tour of Brooksville with the City’s New Video Program

This program is an innovative way the City of Brooksville and its businesses can market themselves to new and prospective businesses and residents. 

Throughout a series of videos, Brooksville is highlighted, demonstrating everything that makes Brooksville a wonderful place to live, work, and play. Through the creation of a video tour, CGI Digital filmed in locations all throughout the area, ensuring that those who watch the videos get a real taste of Brooksville’s unique way of life. It is the goal of CGI Digital to provide communities with the latest in digital marketing technology assisting Brooksville in continuing to grow and thrive. 

With an easily viewable interface on the official city website, www.cityofbrooksville.us, this video program will encourage viewers to learn more about area attractions, economic development opportunities, quality of life, and more.  

This program was provided free to the City through sponsorships from community businesses and non-profits by showcasing their organization through their logo icon that surrounds the videos.  The city encourages local businesses and non-profits to consider participating in this city-wide program as it provides an exciting new opportunity to showcase the organization on our official website.  Participating entities can utilize these same video products on their personal websites and social media pages.  The City is dedicated to highlighting the advantages of living and working in Brooksville with benefits like access to our wonderful businesses and non-profits.   

Established in 1988, CGI Communications, Inc. continues to be a leader in digital marketing solutions. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, CGI Communications, Inc. employs approximately 300 full-time employees with branch offices growing across the United States. Having fully produced over 20,000 videos for municipalities, chambers of commerce, counties, and associations across the country, CGI constantly evolves with changing technology to create new and interesting initiatives to promote communities and organizations. 

For more information on participating in this opportunity visit f https://cgidigital.com/ or  contact the City of Brooksville Public Information Office at 352-540-3810 or by email: cob-info@cityofbrooksville.us



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