Old Homosassa Water Tower

The Old Homosassa Water Tower

By Kathy Green Posted on August 22, 2018

Beautiful views, boating, scalloping, fishing, fun bars, a hippopotumus, friendly residents—Homosassa has it all. And now we also have a shiny new coat of bright blue paint on the Old Homosassa Water Tower!

Long considered the “Gateway to the Homosassa River”, this historical marker has been returned to its former glory!

Old Homosassa Water Tower

Old Homosassa Water Tower

I have been very fortunate to be part of the dedicated non-profit group, the Old Homosassa Heritage Council (OHHC), almost from the beginning. First as a member and now the Historian and the Corresponding Secretary.

The OHHC members crunched the numbers and decided that we needed $60,000 to repair, restructure and paint the historical landmark. Thanks to generous monetary and raffle donations, numerous fund raisers, and the energy and dedication of the members, OHHC was able reach that goal. The repair and restructuring took place as soon as the group raised the first $25,000 back in June of 2016. And in August of 2018 the water tower was painted and the logo restored!

Old Homosassa Water Tower

Our fund raising isn’t finished yet, though. We still need to do landscaping, replace the fencing, and add lighting. But we are almost there!

And then we can take on our next project! Planning is already in the works!

Thank you to everyone who donated money, raffle items, energy, and time to make this possible!

Old Homosassa Water Tower



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